Vending Machines Are Going to the Dogs

By , July 22, 2014 12:11 pm

Yes, friends we in the vending industry can now say there is a vending machine to please everyone, even our four legged friends.


Vending Machine for Dogs Unveiled in the UK More on PawNation

It’s about time our furry friends had their very own vending machines. Dog food company Bakers “treated” canine park-goers in London with the world’s first doggy vending machine, which dispensed a bag of the company’s Complete Dog Food. All the dogs had to do was pull on a toy bone lever that fired a tennis ball which had to be returned and dropped into a slot. Sound a little complicated? The dogs thought so, too. But after several attempts by some of the pups, most of them figured out what they had to do to retrieve the treats from the machine.

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