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By , February 25, 2014 11:32 am

After reading this article for the second time I just had to express the obivious – VendaCarts, Mobile C-Store.  Technomic’s report points out 4 important facts and all 4 can easily be improved with vending and especially with mobile vending machines on VendaCarts, Mobile C-Store. VendaCarts One-man operation offers flexibility in hours and lower cost in labor expenses. 

To help operators and manufacturers stay on top of current trends and evolving consumer needs, Technomic has developed the Convenience Store Market Intelligence Report. Other consumer insights found in the report include:hero-img

  • Three-fourths of consumers (76 percent) who purchase prepared foods from convenience stores report that these locations provide a convenient option.

1.  Location is convenient. – VendaCarts makes C-Store no longer land locked.

  • Two-fifths of consumers say they would visit convenience stores for prepared foods more often if freshness and quality were improved.

2.  Increase sales by adding fresh quality prepackaged foods to your vending machine and keep them current.

  • Convenience stores top other types of retail locations for breakfast patronage, and convenience stores are the only segment to see a significant increase in breakfast patronage over the past few years. This is likely driven by coffee purchases.

3.  Breakfast is a must for increased sales at convenient stores, sandwiches remain the top breakfast entrée. Your vending machines on VendaCarts should always be stocked with fresh breakfast sandwiches and coffee for higher profits..

  • Entrées account for more than half of c-store menu items, with their share of the menu expanding significantly to 51 percent in the second quarter of 2013 from 47 percent a year earlier. Sandwich remains the top breakfast entrée.

4.  Entrees sales have increased 51% over the year earlier. – Vending is no longer snacks and beverages – VendaCarts turns vending into the C-Store of the future. 




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