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The Benefits of Owning a VendaCart

By , May 10, 2018 11:55 am


The Benefits of Owning a VendaCart

 Mobile Automated Business


Single Person Operation from start to finish


Low overhead                             No franchise fee               Rolling billboard

Mobile real-estate                     Easy maintenance           Venue versatility

Large product offering               Ease of use                          Large product offering

Unattended sales                    Increased profit margins   Captive customer base

Business can operate 24/7         Fast financial return         Top quality components

Flexible hours’                           Great curb appeal             Weekend employment

Security designed solutions       Minimal inventory               Increased profit margins

Multi-purpose applications           Single person operation

High-volume customer base        Multiple advertising opportunities

Immediate return on investment

  • 24/7 Operation Unattended sales around the clock
  • Fully Contained The trailer design houses everything needed to operate this business: automated machines, generators, microwaves, condiment stands, change machines, ATM’s etc.
  • Mobility –The functionality of mobile real-estate gives the owner numerous ways to use the business, in hundreds of different locations. The exterior of the trailer when wrapped with graphics acts as a mobile billboard.
  • Ease of Use Take-down and set-up are fast and easy, requiring a single person.
  • SelfServe Lines – Both sides of the trailer open exposing the self-serve operations that allows a person to step right up to the automated machine, make their selections and pay.
  • Security –The exterior of the trailer has dual semi-style locking system for added security. The vending machines are bolted to the floor of the trailer that has been reinforced to handle the weight of the equipment. The machines are bolted to each other to keep the machines secure.
  • Large Product Selection –Vending machines can be configured to vend food and beverage products, non-perishable items, toys, cloths, hats, tools, books, magazines, medical supplies
  • Generators –Can be added for locations without power source.



Carts Blanche, LLC, 352 Cottage Hill Rd., Suite B, Mobile, AL 36606   01 251-786-5852 www.cartsblanche.com

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