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Strategy for Vending Operators Category Management

By , June 13, 2016 12:51 pm

Why wouldn’t strategy used in convenience store marketing apply to vending operators? It could and it does. Product is product whether it goes on a shelf or behind glass in your vending machine.  Become aware of what’s available to you to help grow your vending business.  Convenience Store News, If you don’t already subscribe to their site you need to start today.  They keep their industry informed and inspired.

Carts Blanche will do a weeklong focus on category management in social media – Keep in Touch.

SSO-APR 2016This is a short clip from their recent Single Store Owner issue.

Lay the Foundations of Category Management

Once done, you can get insights to help you make more profitable decisions.

March 30, 2016, 02:14 pm By Sue Nicholls, Category Management Knowledge Group


Managing your convenience store should not be about bringing in new items because you negotiated a hot price on them, or bringing in extra inventory to get that special offer from a supplier, or blindly hoping the choices you are making are the best for your store (but with no strategic information to help back up your decisions).

The opportunity? Move to a more strategic and fact-based approach that focuses on your shopper, which creates foundations for your store that will help you manage your categories using a consistent approach. That will help you to build sales and profit for your store(s). And who doesn’t want that?

By implementing the foundations of category management (catman) in your store, you can achieve all of these opportunities. It’s not a difficult thing to do — you just need to change your perspective and be open to moving to a new way of managing your business.


Do you buy product based on price?

Do you always take advantages of dealers promotional items?

If so, does it always pay off?

What is your go to method of knowing what to order?

Wishing you a very prosperous vending day.  Kathy


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