Cashless Sales are a Winner For Vending

By , May 11, 2015 12:30 pm


Case Study:  Cajun Vending11111

Read how going cashless has helped Cajun Vending
ring up more sales!

“About 95 percent of the sales increase we’re seeing is attributable to cashless. We’ve got some machines on which almost 80 percent of the sales are cashless. And it’s not just the increase in the number of sales, it’s also the fact that when people are using credit cards or their smartphones to pay, they’re less price sensitive. So, we’re selling more premium, higher priced items as well. We’re seeing machines that were doing $50 a week jump to $100.”

Download the case study to learn more about Cajun’s move to cashless – it’s time for you to Make the Move too!

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