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Carts Blanche Gets Press Promoting Veterans 4 Vending Business Opportunities

By , April 8, 2016 1:54 pm

Carts Blanche, LLC “Veterans 4 Vending”  Division offers a Free Mentoring Program to Assist Veterans with “VendaCarts” Business Opportunities

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Mobile, AL – April 1, 2016 “Veterans 4 Vending” a division of Carts Blanche has developed a mentoring program designed to assist U.S. military veterans, and their families with the development of successful VendaCarts mobile automated business opportunities.
Carts Blanche’s free mentoring program is a business solution that jump starts the time from planning to business launch. Consultants work with potential business owners in the areas of business operations, equipment purchases, product selection and overall design options of our VendaCarts mobile automated stores. All of this is done prior to any commitment of purchase and there is no franchise fee involved.

“The challenges in owning a business can be significant and our mentoring program offers the support veterans need to make the leap,” says Kathy Lovitt, VP Carts Blanche, LLC.
Firsthand experience working with veterans has shown us the vast skill sets and there discipline in follow through. All of which makes them good candidates for VendaCarts business opportunity.

Veteran, Kris Ford owner/operator of “Vending 2 You” said, “The time spent helping me find answers to questions, aid in decision making and connecting me with equipment manufacturers was invaluable in the designing of my VendaCarts mobile automated business.”

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Carts Blanche’s main interest is in educating the customer on the front end, giving them an overall perspective of the business model and tools to research the industries involved. This assistance helps them in making right decisions in order to become successful business owners and assists them in establishing their business within a shorter time frame.

“Our customer’s success stories becomes our success story” say’s Annette Nolan, CEO of Carts Blanche, LLC. “This level of involvement is one of the key’s to our success.”

VendaCarts business opportunities expand the marketplace for sales of vendible products into locations that are not traditionallySignage of Vending 2 You Trailer served: Outdoor Venues, Universities, Disaster Relief Areas, Military Installations, Construction/Building and Shut Downs.
In acknowledgement for the contributions of the U.S. military and their families, Carts Blanche, LLC is offering a 5% discount on the purchase of VendaCarts Trailers through June 2016.

Drop by and visit Veteran, Kris Ford @ https://www.vending2you.com

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