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VendScreen Equips Existing Vending Machines with Touchscreen Technology

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By , August 4, 2015 2:05 pm

Why Choose VendScreen?

VendScreen is a network of interactive touchscreen devices powered by a proprietary cloud-based platform. These devices retrofit on existing vending machines to attract more customers and provide a vastly superior customer experience so they return to the machines again and again.

Customers get product information including nutritional data. They can use the payment method they prefer – cash, credit or debit. And every transaction is supported by an instant help feature and operator issued Credit Codes. DEX data is sent twice a day to help keep machines stocked just the way customers like them. Now you can manage your operation and control your customer experience like never before.


Top Features

  • Accept cashless payments
  • Program two tier pricing
  • Display nutrition and calorie info
  • Integrate with VMS
  • Issue remote refunds
  • Receive DEX reporting
  • Auto update software over 3G wireless

VENDSCREEN – Announced new Touchscreen Support for Vending Machines

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By , April 22, 2015 11:25 am

vendscreen-new-logo_11446844Vendscreen unveils even more features for vending industry operators making vending machine refunds easier, cost savings and convenient.

Portland, Ore., April 20, 2015 – VendScreen, the industry’s leading manufacturer of retrofit touchscreen devices, announced that their touchscreens now support manual credit codes and student pin code programs on vending machines. These programs further differentiate the touchscreen experience from other cashless systems. The simple, over-the-air upgrade occurs seamlessly to current customers with VendScreen touchscreens.

Manual Credit Codes allow operators to provide customers with refunds in the form of a free vend to offset non-vended products or customer issues. Refunding money to customers often costs 10 to 15x the actual cost of the item. Credit codes save the hassle of mailing funds to customers or keeping cash on hand, and also improve the customer experience. Instant credit codes have already been used successfully by many operators to provide refunds while the customer is at the machine. Manual credit codes allow operators additional levels of control over refund dispersal.

VendScreen touchscreens now support established student pin code programs, such as NUTRIKIDS and MySchoolBucks. This allows students to access a stored value account via pin code to dispense vending machine items. The program is part of the POS payment program in K-12 schools, and provides another way for VendScreen operators to differentiate their offering to site locations and the end consumer.  “I approached VendScreen with the idea to tie the current cafeteria POS pin system in with vending to create a unified Campus solution, which will ultimately increase vending sales”, says Michael Cascione, Jr., Executive Operations Manager of CC Vending, Inc. “They have worked with me to make it happen quickly and efficiently. The beauty of over the air updates with VendScreen means I can satisfy my customer’s request to enable student pin codes with no additional hardware requirements.”

Additional updates include a new user interface that provides more choices for customers, and updates to the NAMA FitPick parameters based on the latest standards.http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/news/12066620/vendscreen-unveils-even-more-features-for-industry-leading-touchscreens?utm_sourcesite_logo

VendScreen Connects Older Vending Machines to The Future of Vending

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By , April 30, 2014 12:10 pm



The first vending machine retrofit device to combine cashless payments and nutrition label disclosure in a single–award-winning–device. The Revolution connects to the VendScreen Platform wirelessly over 3G to process transactions, download software updates and automatically synchronize nutritional information with VMS planograms.

An innovative retrofit device that brings existing machines into the digital age.

VendScreen Revolution is a retrofit Android-based computing device with a touchscreen that can be installed into any one of the millions of existing vending machines in the field. The device operates on the standard MDB interface and fits into the standard card reader slot available on many machines (and can be surface mounted on machines that don’t have the card reader slot.)

Using data provided by the VendScreen, operators can improve the efficiencies of their routes. VendScreen Revolution brings telemetry to the mass-operator market. Currently, less than 5% of all vending machines are connected. This is due in part to the high cost of establishing that connection and maintaining it for single purposes. VendScreen Revolution connects machines in a manner that makes practical sense – leveraging the connection for multiple purposes. This will save the industry money and time.

VendScreen Revolution provides information to people with dietary restrictions and requirements – people who may not have used the vending machine otherwise. By catering to this segment of the consumers, we’re able to increase sales. In addition, we provide various payment options. While Gen X and Gen Y consumers are becoming increasingly cashless, vending machines have not kept pace and we have limited ability to sell to our best customers.



Pro-Active Marketing is Essential in Promoting Customers to your Vending Machines

By , August 7, 2013 3:35 pm

Pro-active marketing is essential in promoting vending machine sales.  Let your customers know when a new item arrives, free samples are always a good way to get attention.  Vending Times blog posts – “An eye-opening study by the NPD research firm (Port Washington NY) found that consumers with the “healthiest lifestyles” are the most frequent snackers.  Another surprising finding is that fresh fruit is consumed more often than any sweet or salty snack food.  In the same article, it is posted that more than half of consumers (53%) reported they snack more than twice a day, while 11% 5 or more times a day.

Check out VendScreen they have an informative blog and facebook wrestling with the same topics that baffle us. http://vendscreen.com/blog/zen-and-the-art-of-blended-vending/  Their article on healthy snacks and serving the healthy snack customer is so true.  Why is it since I like chips and candy I think everyone else does?  How does a healthy snacker find a variety of options in their workplace vending machine, most likely they don’t.  That is where planning and research comes in.

ABC News posts the following: $20 Billion – The annual revenue of the US weight loss industry.  108 Million – the number of people on diets in the United States.  85% – The percentage of customers consuming weight-loss products and services who are female.  Someone is eating healthy and they may be your next customer.

As great as this may be, this isn’t what we are talking about.


VendScreen states, “So, as you sit and read this post you expect that I am promoting pure, unadulterated healthy vending?  Au Contraire.  Do I fall into the healthy vending segment?  I absolutely do.  Do I think (thinking Zen… thinking Zen) that my way is the only way?  I absolutely do not.  As the VP of Marketing and Business Development for VendScreen www.VendScreen.com – I speak to vending operators for a living.  I hear both sides of the discussion.  In the end, however, the two sides share one common goal, to provide excellent service, while making a profit, and building a successful vending operation. Back to the discussion of healthy vs. traditional.  Both sides are correct in their assessment, because each is serving a different market.  The traditional vending operators are not having a demand for healthy, because healthy snack buyers looked at their machines once or twice and didn’t see what they wanted.  They never returned.  The traditional snack buyers saw their favorite items, and became regular and repeat customers.  The healthy snack operators had the same occurrence, in reverse.  The healthy snackers showed up, saw what they liked and became customers.  The traditional snackers showed up, turned their noses to granola and baked chips and didn’t return.  Yet neither operator is making the most of their market opportunities.”

VendScreen makes a great point , “All things to all people?  In vending, yes!  If nothing else, this article should point out through recent articles and statistics that healthy people are frequent snackers, and that a large percentage of the US population is dieting at any given time, meaning that they are looking for healthy options.  Blended vending, a shared space with both traditional and healthy options can fulfill the needs of an entire marketplace, without excluding others.  Better yet if your offering can meet the needs of those with dietary restrictions such as: gluten-free, sugar-free, low-sodium or kosher. Will all of those folks know to flock to your vending machines the minute you load one row of coils with healthy options?  Of course not.  This is where pro-active marketing can help. ”

Carts Blanche agrees pro-active marketing is certainly the answer to all of vending’s woes be it diversity of product selection, healthy verses traditional options, automated machines compared to micro-markets or mobile automated retail trailers and brick and mortar locations.  Everything in vending depends on the positive and futuristic outlook for our industry.

Blended vending is an excellent way to incorporate the tremendous variety of products that manufacturers have made available to the vending industry.  The opportunities that our industry have are endless but do require a marketing strategy that includes listening to the customer, staying updated on food and beverage trends and market research made available online and giving them information to make right choices.  This is not your old fashion style of vending but the new fresh approach to become successful business owners in a new world of vending.



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