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“VendaCarts” Roll into Untapped Market “Locations, Locations, Locations

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By , August 14, 2018 8:00 am

Carts Blanche, LLC mobilizes automated sales and opens new market locations for the vending industry. The integration of mobility and automated machines moves vending from the traditional bricks-and-mortar into an untapped reservoir of customers and sales. These locations provide a wider playing field multiplying locations and profits exponentially.


VendaCarts” is the first vending trailer designed to take automated retail to the masses at tens of thousands of locations at:


Outdoor Specialty Events                              Sporting Events
University Settings                                         Disaster Relief Areas
Military Installations                                      Construction/Building Sites

“VendaCarts” trailer has nine self-serve automated machines capable of selling hundreds of products while the self-serve automation handles crowds of customers in a much shorter timeframe.


“VendaCarts” is sold to the commercial and end-user markets: Vending divisions of companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Canteen as well as commercial food service providers Aramark and Sodexo, entrepreneurs’, military veterans, existing vending companies, concession operators, catering businesses, food service delivery companies, active retirees, persons with disabilities, FEMA and BEP (Business Enterprise Program).


For more information:

Please call: 251-786-5852


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