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Vending Machines Dispenses Social Media Sizzle

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By , June 10, 2016 10:55 am

As a vending operator you are checking your phone for any problem that may pop up with your business, outage of product, money or machine.

In todays time you need to be a diligent on knowing what your customer wants, the best and cheapest way is through social media.

In an age where consumers are cutting the cord, muting commercials and glazing over billboards, social followers and fans are worth something. Not only are consumers more likely to purchase from brands that engage with them on social media, they’re also learning about brands and endorsing brands from within their social networks.

Keep your customers informed and engaged through your business Facebook and Twitter site.




Facebook users continue to interact on the platform.

  • 70% of Facebook users engage daily with the social network, up 9 percentage points from 2013.
  • 45% of Facebook users engage with the social network several times a day.
  • Facebook acts as a social media homebase for its users.

Who do people consider their friends on Facebook?

From a marketing perspective, this is an important question to answer since it yields insights into how deep these relationships are.

  • 93% of Facebook users are Facebook friends with family members other than their parents or children.
  • 91% Facebook users are Facebook friends with their current friends.
  • 87% Facebook users are connected to friends of theirs from the past
  • 58% Facebook users are connected to their coworkers.
  • 45% Facebook users are Facebook friends with their parents.
  • 43% Facebook users are friends with their children on Facebook.
  • 39% Facebook users are connected to people they’ve never met in real life. These people are looking to build their audience.

hootsuite-logoCompanies like Hootsuite – help manage social media.  They can manage your social networks, connect your customers and grown your vending business on social platforms.

For as little as $10.00 a month it can be much easier than you think to stay connected. There are several good companies that offer the same quality work the main point is just get started.

Create your own business Facebook page today.  Remember to leave your personal life for your personal facebook site.


Twitter Trending Vending Machine Promotional Marketing Creation is all the Rage at SXSW

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By , May 9, 2014 3:20 pm

Trending Vending Machine Wins Top 7 Marketing Ideas with BizBash

Yes, it’s my favorite “Oreo”.  oreo-blog



7 SXSW Marketing Wins: The Best Brand Activations from Austin’s 2014 South By Southwest Festival

Monday March 24, 2014 by Matthew David

Music isn’t the only thing that’s loud at South By Southwest.  In fact, more than ever before, big name brands clamored for the attention of the plugged in, the amped up, and the in-the-know with marketing stunts of all kinds. Here are my picks for the best brand activations from marketers at SXSW 2014. (Looking for even more inspiration? There’s a great roundup of SXSW marketing efforts from the pros at BizBash.)



Oreo’s Trending Vending Machine

Creating perhaps the most cutting-edge cookie ever, Oreo (with the help of Mondelez International) combined hot topic 3D-printing with the real-time chatter of the Twitterverse with its Trending Vending Machine. (Clearly, food is a big thing at South by Southwest.) The high tech machine enabled users to create customized Oreos in one of 12 flavors trending on Twitter, and then watch the cookie materialize in less than two minutes. The company encouraged people to follow along and contribute to the conversation with the hashtag #eatthetweet




Trending Vending Machine launches 3D Oreo’s at South by SouthWest

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By , May 9, 2014 2:51 pm

Trending Vending machine creates custom Oreo cookies based on real-time trends for concert goers at SXSW.images12UURD5I

Mondelez, the maker of Oreos combined efforts with Twitter to make custom filled cookies. Tweets from the SXSW conference are configured into an algorithm that determines the flavors of the Oreo in an example of the efforts that digital technology i Newslook




An Oreo Experiment Reveals Mondelez’s Approach To Innovation

Oreo caused a cookie stir at SXSW with its Trending/Vending machine, which dispensed custom cookies for fans who waited upwards of two hours for a single treat. But looking behind the machine, and the technology within, is an entrepreneurial approach that’s leading a corporate giant to experiment in new spaces.



This experiment, and it’s most definitely an experiment, was called the Trending/Vending Machine. Staged by Mondelēz, the parent company of Oreo, built by Maya Design, and created in partnership with Twitter, the high concept here is that people could create their own cookie combination based on what was currently trending on Twitter. When visitors stepped up to the translucent touch screen, trending topics such as #hoverboard or #chanceofrain appeared–nodding to an Internet hoax of the moment, and the incredibly rainy weekend in Austin, respectively. Each trend related to a particular flavor combination, and participants were allowed to choose a cookie and a pattern. In all, there were 10,000 possible combinations.

The activation was born of two very real forces within Mondelēz, says Bonin Bough, the company’s vice president of global media and consumer engagement at Mondelēz International. The first was that people really love Oreos. “We realized how much our customers love the various flavors so we wanted to provide something that allows people to customize their cookie,” says Bough, noting that if 2013’s Daily Twist campaign allowed people to see culture through the eyes of Oreo, the Trending/Vending machine allows people to “taste culture” through the eyes of Oreo. Hence the hashtag #EatTheTweet.


Carts Blanche, LLC (VendaCarts) Promotes Small Business on Twitter and Pinterest

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By , January 31, 2014 9:53 am

Hello Friends,

Carts Blanche, LLC Promotes Small Business on Twitter and Pinterest

Thank you for following our blog www.cartsblanche-blog/wp

If you are not following us on FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest Please follow us – Check Us Out.  We are looking forward to following you.



Carts Blanche, LLC (VendaCarts) on Twitter.     pinterest



Tweets for Treats – BizBash – Social Media Marketing

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By , November 19, 2013 12:53 pm

From hashtags to tweets our friends Patrick and Jeff from Innovative Vending Solution are in the spotlight again in a big way with their social-media-fueled machines for branding including BareMinerals, Polaroid and Twitter itself.

Writer Lauren Matthews recently published an article for BizBash on IVS and as usual they are busy specializing in fabricating and configuring a variety of tricked-out-automated vending system that can dispense almost any kind of product.

Ideal for product launches and promotional events, IVS’s VP of Operations, Jeff Thibodeau says while Twitter has been the most popular platform so far, IVS has just launched a trade show badge activated machine, and is working on a Facebook-compatible model.

This past summer, Innovative Vending Solutions supplied experience operaimg-2758ted vending machine as part of a cross-country tour for fashion e-tailer ASOS. “In each city, we filled the machines with bags of different items,” says Linda Kovacs, the dFm’s director of partnerships and integrated marketing. “For example, at Lollapalooza they held sunglasses, and at Fashion Week Swim in Miami they were filled with bathing suits.” At the end of each event, the machine—which held 200 gift bags—was empty. “The online feedback was great,” Kovacs says. –

See more at: http://www.bizbash.com/tweet-for-treats-the-new-way-brands-are-encouraging-social-media-activity/new-york/story/27463/#sthash.9qRV2ygH.dpuf

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