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VendaCarts” Mobile Automated Store Expands Vending’s Horizon

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By , July 23, 2018 7:43 pm

           “VendaCarts” is an innovatively smart and technologically driven Mobile Automated Store. The design integrates five industries under one roof, Banking–ATM’s and credit transactions, Vending-automated, Advertising-mobile billboards and Digital /LCD signage, Trailer-mobility and Technology– remote management network creating up to 23 distinct revenue generating streams with operations being performed by a Single Individual.


          “VendaCarts” self-serve multi-function trailer is packaged with the customer’s choice of vending machines in addition to equipment such as ATM’s, digital / LCD signage, microwaves, change machines and condiment stands. The trailers are also sold empty for customers who own their own equipment.


On location, exterior side awnings on both sides of the trailer are raised creating awnings, exposing the ready-to-operate self-serve VendaCarts” business.


New markets for “VendaCarts ” mobile automated stores are specialty events, manufacturing locations, construction/building sites, University settings, sports and entertainment facilities disaster relief areas and military installations providing an untapped reservoir of customers and sales for vended products.


For more information:

Please call: 251-786-5852


Make the Move to Smarter Vending with Cantaloupe

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By , September 14, 2015 9:04 am



Webinar:  Make the Move to Smarter Vending – Featuring Megan Daniels O’Neil, Daniels Vending, LLC

Event Details: 
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET

It’s time to make the move to smarter vending…even if you think you can’t.

Are you unsure if a technology-based vending solution would work for you?  Do you think you’re too geographically distributed to see a lift? Do you have spotty internet access where you’re located? Are some of your machines offline? You don’t think of yourself or anyone on your team as “tech-savvy”?

Don’t worry. You can make the move to smarter vending and improve cash accountability, reduce excess inventory and even improve your merchandising all while increasing your revenue.

Join us for a 45 minute webinar to learn how! We’re thrilled to have Megan Daniels O’Neil, General Manager of Daniels Vending, LLC as our guest.  As a rural operator, she faced a number of challenges to modernize her business but with the help of Cantaloupe Systems, she’s transforming her family’s third generation vending operation and has already boosted driver revenue by more than 30%.  Megan will share her family’s story of Making the Move and highlight these key areas:

> The Challenges:  Running a Rural Vending Operation and All that It Entails
> Where to Start:  Considerations for Choosing a Technology Solution and Partner
> The Approach:  Vending Operations and Implementation Best Practices
> The Results:  Wow!

Register Today!  http://go.cantaloupesys.com/webinar-make-the-move-daniels

Cashless Technology Vending Machine only 11% of Total Machine

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By , July 29, 2015 11:34 am

 It is hard to believe that with technology rating high in sales potential that only 11% of vending machines accept cashless payment.

I know we have come a long way in vending especially since the old .05, 10 & 25 cent days but 11% seems like we are

missing the mark on advancing vending.



Technology: Total machine base estimates for 2014 are 5,132,250. Of that number, only 564,548 machines accept a cashless payment form.

However, 57.6 percent of operators installed at least one credit/debit card reader last year, bringing the percentage of machines with this payment option to 11 percent.


cashLarge- and extra large-sized operators are 30 percent more likely to have high numbers of cashless payment acceptors installed on vending machines.


Additionally, 5.8 percent of operators added VMS this year, meaning 58 percent of operators now use a VMS. New services expansion: Only 23.4 percent of operators expanded into new services in 2014, compared to 31 percent the past two years. Drop shipping seemed to be more popular in 2014.

Emerging Digital signage Technologies – The New Future of Vending Machines

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By , July 2, 2014 2:50 pm

With new emerging technologies for the vending industry, vending machines future is up for the change.

As digital signage continues to grow and become more popular its uses are also evolving. Engaging and empowering audiences through the use of interactivity has become a key differentiator for many organizations.

Digital signage software provider Omnivex Corp. and Digital Signage Today recently hosted a webinar, “Emerging Digital Signage Technologies – The Future of Interactivity,” that took an in-depth look at the future of interactive technologies as they relate to digital signage.

The webinar was led by Omnivex CEO and Director of Software Development Doug Bannister, who took a survey approach to looking at newer and emerging interactivity technologies and how they’ll affect or intersect with digital signage going forward.

The discussion ranged from touch and multitouch to gesture control to augmented reality to mobile and social media integration. “They all have their benefits,” according to Bannister.

Starting with touch — and in this case, to be precise, single touch — it’s already ubiquitous and people are generally familiar with it, Bannister said, driven in no small part by the rapid adoption of touchscreen-based smartphones.

gesture-digital-signage-640_jpg__640x360_q85_cropGenerally in retail, he said, he sees touchscreen-based digital signage as not as useful, because shoppers typically tend to already know generally what they want or what they’re looking for when they come into a store. But for retail applications with a longer sales cycle, say a car sale, it might be more useful, he said.

Touching on multitouch, Bannister noted the Microsoft Surface multitouch table came out a month *before* the iPhone, but obviously has not seen a similar rate of adoption. Multitouch digital signage is probably most useful, he said, in use cases in which the deployer wants to brand themselves as “cutting edge.”

“In my experience, the multitouch doesn’t yet give the same level of benefit that touch does,” he said.

The same sentiment about appearing “cutting edge” also still applies to gesture-interactive digital signage, Bannister said, noting a retail mis-application in which it would have made more sense to just

Finally, the webinar took a run at social media interactivity with digital signage, such as Facebook or Twitter feeds on dynamic signage screens. Social media is popular and widespread, and many clients ask for it, but, Bannister admitted, he struggles with finding a beneficial, business-driven purpose and use case for putting social media feeds on the screen.

“Does it belong on large screens?” he asked. “That’s something I don’t have an answer for.”

Following up on that, Bannister said, he cautions clients and potential end-users to remember that the requirements of the digital signage deployment should drive the technology and type of interactivity, if any, used in the deployment, and not the other way around. “And if that winds up leading you to the technology? Great!”

VendEase’s Unveils Newest Personal Protection Equipment Vending Machine

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By , June 13, 2014 9:55 am


Keep up to date with vending industry and vending machine news with Auto Vending News.  For large businesses keeping up with and distribution of personal protection equipment for their employees can be a problem but VendEase has a solutions.

Our VendaWorks trailer can house these PPE vending machines and together we can be a solution, for large plants with hundreds of employees, to keep the equipment services and available for easy access keeping employee cost down for the employer.

PPE problems solved with machines from VendEase

By On June 2, 2014

The distribution of PPE – Personal Protection Equipment – can be a major problem for engineering and manufacturing businesses. PPE is a legal requirement for many businesses, but getting equipment to the employees that need it and controlling the distribution and inventory costs of providing it can pose a real problem. It is a problem to which VendEase has a solution – a range of innovative vending machines.

In a recent post on Lean Debate, a senior operations manager echoed the plaintive cry of many a PPE budget holder. “Does genuinely caring about the welfare of our engineers and meeting our legal responsibilities have to mean a completely open door policy as far as PPE stocks are concerned.”
Another manager joined the discussion and shared the frustration – in his case it was, “Finding barely used gloves in the car park, ear plugs and goggles all over the shop and that’s not even counting the stuff that just seems to walk!”
Not every company can afford a fully manned stock release facility, and certainly not 24/7, so more and more companies are turning to vending as a solution. VendEase’s Dave Berman explains, “The sort of technology we build into our vending machines means that you not only get secure, robust and reliable distribution around the clock, but full management reporting is also included. These machines can be card or code operated by existing staff cards or dedicated fobs, and either way you get a full record of who’s using what, where and when.”
VendEase machines can be linked wirelessly to a central hub, not only transferring the management data but also warning of any faults or stock outs. Remote locations can benefit from machines fitted with mobile telephony, meaning that VendEase is often the first to know if there is a problem and can get it sorted quickly.
Companies such as Arla, the dairy products giant, relied on VendEase to manage the introduction of its vending machines, which have received a big ‘thumbs-up’ from both employees and management. Spirits producer, Diageo, is planning to introduce VendEase solutions at its new Scottish plant and DHL is equipping its logistics centres. With Norland planning to source from VendEase to service key clients, the future in this area is looking very positive.
Dave Berman continued, “Our PPE vending machines are manufactured in Germany to very high specs, which is why we get such excellent reliability. The other benefit is that we can find bespoke and customised solutions for almost any vending requirement – anyone who’s seen their Mars bar teeter on the edge of the shelf but not drop into the box will appreciate the challenge of making sure that doesn’t happen, whether we’re dispensing bulky freezer gloves or an almost weightless pair of ear plugs. So we test, test and test again until we’re sure the product vends perfectly.”


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