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Fresh Food Demand is up for 2014 Vending Machine

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By , July 14, 2014 9:09 am

Fresh food always puts a smile on health conscious faces.  The future is strong for vending machines that are stocked with healthy selections.  Given the option most folks would welcome a piece of fresh fruit over a bag of chips.


Healthy vending products

While the AM State of the Vending Industry report does not specifically break out healthy vending products, there is an increasing demand for these among both consumers and operators. Vendors reported that healthy food attributed as much as a 25 percent upswing in sales. At the same time, operators report struggling to find product within the desired price point, taste profile and stale date. Operators are only starting to understand the opportunity and the path for executing against the opportunity of healthy vending products.

It will require developing new, low-cost distribution platforms which support delivery of fresh healthy products as well as a robust data aggregation







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