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Tiny Grocery Store in a Vending Machine

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By , July 1, 2015 1:57 pm

 feature3Carts Blanche congratulates Tiny Grocery, a Washington D C company launched by Scratch DC “Fresh Food on Site – on Demand” from a vending machine.


Washington, D.C.-based company ScratchDC has been able to expand services with the use of refrigerated vending machines. ScratchDC—which delivers heat-and-eat gourmet foods to consumers’ homes—began growing so quickly that it was hard for the company to keep up with the demand, The Washington Post reports. In comes the idea of using refrigerated vending machines.

ScratchDC’s owner launched TinyGrocery, a program for refrigerated vending machines that can be placed in offices, gyms and apartment complexes. The machines are stocked with ScratchDC products—including supper kits, cold brew coffee and hummus among other items—and are only accessible with the swipe of a credit card. Once the user has swiped their card, they are able to open the door and select a product. A microchip on the product’s packaging allows the user to be charged.

The source reports that ten TinyGrocery vending machines have been placed throughout D.C. Pantry, Inc. reports it is providing the Pantry kiosks for ScratchDC’s TinyGrocery program.    Check out Tiny Grocery Website and see for yourself their delicious menu.

Since its launch on June 1, TinyGrocery has placed 10 vending machines filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper kits across the D.C. area in offices, apartment complexes and gyms.

The machines are free for hosts to obtain, and TinyGrocery even reimburses the cost of energy.

The vending technology works like this: The machine is equipped with a tablet that displays the menu, price, nutritional information and allergens for each item. Customers swipe their credit card to unlock the door, make their selection and are charged via a microchip on the item’s packaging.

“The machine is constantly reading the inventory,” Hansan says. “When a card is swiped and the item is removed, the machine goes, ‘OK, I’m missing a wrap’ and charges the card.”

The prices of TinyGrocery products are comparable to those you’d find at fast-casual restaurants. For example, cold brew coffee is $3, hummus and veggies are $4 and salads range from $6 to $9. And the supper bundles, which are the



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