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Hot Chocolate Sales will Soar in Vending

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By , June 19, 2015 10:42 am


It’s a no brainer – EAT MORE CHOCOLATE

Recent study on the health benefits of chocolate, especially hot chocolate, should have the vending industry on high alert.  Yes you should add more hot chocolate to your inventory.

With Carts Blanche’s VendaCarts    Pop-up Café – Mobile Coffee & Hot Chocolate Shop

Medical News Today published this article this week. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270272.php

Throughout the years, chocolate has been on the end of a lot of bad press because of its fat content, and its consumption has been associated with acne, obesity, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and diabetes. However, “the recent discovery of biologically active phenolic compounds in cocoa has changed this perception and stimulated research on its effects in ageing, oxidative stress, blood pressure regulation, and atherosclerosis. Today, chocolate is lauded for its tremendous antioxidant potential.”

The potential benefits of eating chocolate are said to include: lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cognitive decline, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Chocolate may lower cholesterol levels  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270272.php

Chocolate consumption may help reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition was carried out to determine whether chocolate bars containing plant sterols (PS) and cocoa flavanols (CF) have any effect on cholesterol levels.3

The study authors wrote “results indicate that regular consumption of chocolate bars containing PS and CF as part of a low-fat diet may support cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol and improving blood pressure.”

Chocolate may prevent memory decline

Scientists at Harvard Medical School suggest that drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may help keep the brain healthy and prevent memory decline in older people. The researchers said that hot chocolate can help preserve blood flow in working areas of the brain.4

The lead author, Farzaneh A. Sorond, said:

“As different areas of the brain need more energy to complete their tasks, they also need greater blood flow. This relationship, called neurovascular coupling, may play an important role in diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

chocolateChocolate may reduce heart disease risk

Research published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) has suggested that consuming chocolate could help lower the risk of developing heart diseaseby one third. The report was presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris, France.5

The authors concluded:

“Based on observational evidence, levels of chocolate consumption seem to be associated with a substantial reduction in the risk of cardiometabolic disorders. Further experimental studies are required to confirm a potentially beneficial effect of chocolate consumption.”

Chocolate may prevent stroke


Canadian scientists carried out a study involving 44,489 people and found that people eating chocolate were 22 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke than those who didn’t. In addition, those who had a stroke but regularly consumed chocolate were 46 percent less likely to die as a result.

EatWave Vending Machines “Grab-N-Go” and VendaCarts are the Perfect Combination

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By , May 13, 2014 2:40 pm

Specialist Vending with their new EatWave Grab-n-Go vending machines, not only offers hot/cold food items includes its own microwave for hot and delicious, and Carts Blanche with our VendaCart “Pop Up Café” is a marriage made in heaven.  VendaCarts adds wheels to grab-n-go vending machines.  Planet-vending.com is introducing the new revolutionary product that is all the rage.

Specialist Vending Ready To ‘Grab & Go’


It looks like US ‘Grab N Go’ Vending Will Be ‘The Next Big Thing’ as Specialist Vending unveils revolutionary hot/cold food vendor.

Specialist Vending  has unveiled the UK’s first fully integrated hot/cold food and drink vendor at this year’s Hotelympia.  Promoting it as ‘ideal for forecourts, hotels or grab n go facilities’, the unique ‘Eat-Wave’ vending system allows a wide range of pre-packed foods and calorie-controlled dishes to be heated and then dispensed alongside a range of complementary snacks and drinks, to provide a complete meal solution from a single machine. The company claims it will be ‘perfect for any food-on-the-go location, as well as busy offices and staff restaurants.’

Eat Wave

The EatWave machine’s glass-fronted chilled cabinet allows up to 60 items to be stocked in any arrangement.  Selected items that require heating fall onto a conveyor at the base of the cabinet, on which they are fed to a unique, patented dual-door microwave that quickly heats each product to the prescribed temperature.  On completing the heating cycle, the items fall through to a conventional vending machine customer collection tray.  Chilled items such as drinks or snacks simply pass through the microwave unit without being heated.

“Having the microwave unit within the machine eliminates machine abuse which is a common problem with external units.  The development of this new, compact commercial microwave therefore minimises down-time and improves revenue generating potential as complete hot food meal deals can be presented in a single, small footprint unit,” says Bert Wallace, Business Development Director at Specialist Vending.  “The vendor can be telemetry-linked for round the clock operational and performance monitoring.”




  VendCarts Mobile Robotic “Pop Up Café”





VendaCarts “Pop Up Cafe” Expands Your Small Business to the Breakfast Crowd

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By , December 28, 2013 11:53 am

Technomic’s recent Breakfast Consumer Trend Report updates current breakfast trends for vending operators.  Carts Blanche offers our mobile VendaCarts “Pop Up Café” for the breakfast crowds on the streets, industry workplace, university campuses or festivals. VendaCarts helps expand your small business into new locations.

CHICAGO — Although major foodservice brands, including both retailers and restaurants, have been developing ways to capitalize on the breakfast daypart and bring in more customers during the morning hours, this increased operator activity hasn’t necessarily had the intended effect. Most consumers still source breakfast from home.

Just 20 percent of consumers report eating breakfast away from home more often than they did a year ago, according to the Breakfast Consumer Trend Report by Technomic Inc.

In order to grab more share of stomach with breakfast fare, operators must continue exploring new growth avenues.

“Opportunities to promote breakfast can extend far beyond conventional morning hours,” said Technomic Executive Vice President Darren Tristano. “Operators looking to promote this daypart can leverage consumer interest in all-day or late-night breakfast programs. There’s also room to expand brunch options, and even get creative by applying traditional breakfast flavors to non-breakfast foods.”

Key findings of the report include:

  • Limited-service breakfast customers consider value menus, breakfast sandwiches and portability to be highly important.
  • Full-service breakfast customers value variety, all-day breakfast options and signature menu offerings the most.
  • Coffee is a key part of breakfast. Sixty-four percent of consumers drink coffee at breakfast, and 54 percent of these customers prefer a restaurant that offers free coffee refills. Thirty percent agree that they are loyal to concepts that serve their preferred coffee brand.
  • Consumers connect breakfast to health. Sixty-three percent believe it is unhealthy to skip breakfast, and open-ended data shows that many consumers want more healthful breakfast options.

VendaCarts “Pop Up Cafe” Hit Russia packed with Vending Machines

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By , July 10, 2013 10:24 am

Carts Blanche, LLC exporting adventure began in Russia, Moscow to be exact.

Our customer’s VendaCarts trailers packed full of vending machines and are called “SnexCafe” and being previewed at the Moscow Museum.

Excitement has grown with the first of its kind to wheel vending into new locations.

Russia plays host to the largest European street-Art festival, to say Graffiti Street Art is popular would be an

understatement.  The SnexCafe’s are decked out with the newest in custom Graffiti and fits in perfectly on the

 museum art grounds.  The Moscow Museum is the perfect setting for our VendaCart trailers,

once on location both sides life up offering 6 self-serve lines to vend from.



Activities and fun for the entire family keeps locals and tourist coming back and spending the day.





We are looking forward to following SnexCafe’s  journey.

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