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New Innovation DINKA Hits the Vending Industry

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By , April 8, 2016 11:17 am

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DINKA by Yazamco Corp. offers new innovation for the vending industry.

The word ‘innovation’ is banded about liberally in the world of vending and with good reason: after all, it’s invention and the application of Drinka_cropped-279x700new technology that has made it possible for a vending operators to offer customers ‘the perfect espresso’, for instance.

Having said that, ‘innovative’ seems somehow inadequate when applied to the Israeli designed and built Drinka machine; because here’s a piece of kit that appears to have thrown away the rule book.

The interesting thing about Drinka is that it’s not a drinks company at all. In fact, it’s part of the Yazamco Corporation, which was founded in 1972 and currently employs more than 200 people. The firm specialises in document workflow solutions for business, with a mission ‘to improve on-going office activities and reduce costs at the same time’.

‘We’ve been asking manufacturers to make a vending machine that doesn’t look like a vending machine for ages’, Mike says. ‘Apparently it takes a company from outside the industry to accomplish that.’

And so, to the machine. My immediate reaction is this: ‘wouldn’t it be counter-intuitive for an operator to embrace a machine that might replace three existing machines on site?’

Mike acknowledges the point, but he points out ‘that’s true: but this machine changes the game for operators. The ingredients have a long shelf life so there’s no requirement for weekly site visits and although it uses fresh milk, the machine is be cleaned by the client just once a week, thanks to the self-clean capabilities of the machine. Basically, the milk delivery mechanism steam-cleans itself every time it works.’

So let’s taste drinks. First we try the coffee range. There’s no cup drop and there’s no coin mech and that means that the Drinka, in its present guise, will always be a niche machine. I try a flat white and a cappuccino, in 9oz servings, and they both taste great. I don’t take sugar and I think that disappoints Mike, so he pretends I do. ‘Let’s imagine you like a sweet drink. Drinka gives you three options: you can have sugar, you can have sweetener, or you can have a mixture of both’, he says. With the current trend to demonise sugar in mind, such capabilities http://www.planet-vending.com/

Is This Machine Vending’s ‘Marmite’?

Seaga Introduces Vapestation New E-Cigarette Vending Machine

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By , October 13, 2014 9:43 am


Seaga UK Ltd. is looking for operators ready to get in on the ground floor of the exciting, fast growing e-cigarette vending machine market with the Vapestation business opportunity package.

This carefully constructed business package includes the Vapestation e-cigarette vending machine designed and manufactured by Seaga exclusively for the e-cigarette market. An estimated 2.1 million adults in Great Britain use e-cigarettes according to the ASH Face Sheet, with sales estimated at 193 million last year.

The Vapestation vending machine includes a 19” HD video screen and completely cashless payment and cloud-based telemetry to give the operator full control over every aspect of the machine performance.

With a product that almost sells itself, the exciting Vaporin brand of e-cigarettes is the next exciting component of the package. With one e-cigarette lasting the equivalent of 4 packs of traditional cigarettes, the Vaporin brand is the longest smoking disposable e-cigarette on the market. Offered in four flavours, the Vaporin e-cigarette delivers a rich, full smoking experience.Seaga-UK-Vapestation

*To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please contact Vincent Cummings of Seaga UK Ltd. via email on sales@seaga.co.uk or via phone on 0113 243 4266.

Look to Planet Vending for the latest vending news online                     for the vending market in the UK.                                     planet-vending-logo

EatWave Vending Machines “Grab-N-Go” and VendaCarts are the Perfect Combination

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By , May 13, 2014 2:40 pm

Specialist Vending with their new EatWave Grab-n-Go vending machines, not only offers hot/cold food items includes its own microwave for hot and delicious, and Carts Blanche with our VendaCart “Pop Up Café” is a marriage made in heaven.  VendaCarts adds wheels to grab-n-go vending machines.  Planet-vending.com is introducing the new revolutionary product that is all the rage.

Specialist Vending Ready To ‘Grab & Go’


It looks like US ‘Grab N Go’ Vending Will Be ‘The Next Big Thing’ as Specialist Vending unveils revolutionary hot/cold food vendor.

Specialist Vending  has unveiled the UK’s first fully integrated hot/cold food and drink vendor at this year’s Hotelympia.  Promoting it as ‘ideal for forecourts, hotels or grab n go facilities’, the unique ‘Eat-Wave’ vending system allows a wide range of pre-packed foods and calorie-controlled dishes to be heated and then dispensed alongside a range of complementary snacks and drinks, to provide a complete meal solution from a single machine. The company claims it will be ‘perfect for any food-on-the-go location, as well as busy offices and staff restaurants.’

Eat Wave

The EatWave machine’s glass-fronted chilled cabinet allows up to 60 items to be stocked in any arrangement.  Selected items that require heating fall onto a conveyor at the base of the cabinet, on which they are fed to a unique, patented dual-door microwave that quickly heats each product to the prescribed temperature.  On completing the heating cycle, the items fall through to a conventional vending machine customer collection tray.  Chilled items such as drinks or snacks simply pass through the microwave unit without being heated.

“Having the microwave unit within the machine eliminates machine abuse which is a common problem with external units.  The development of this new, compact commercial microwave therefore minimises down-time and improves revenue generating potential as complete hot food meal deals can be presented in a single, small footprint unit,” says Bert Wallace, Business Development Director at Specialist Vending.  “The vendor can be telemetry-linked for round the clock operational and performance monitoring.”




  VendCarts Mobile Robotic “Pop Up Café”





Planet Vending Promotes VendaCarts Mobile Automated Retail Stores

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By , January 24, 2014 1:07 pm



“VendaCarts” Mobile Automated Stores Wheel Into Vending!

By Annette Antoine Nolan

Based in Mobile, Alabama, Carts Blanche’s “VendaCarts” adds wheels to vending and rolls automated sales into new untapped marketplaces. “VendaCarts” is a custom designed mobile automated retail store equipped with up to nine built-in vending machines.Years have been spent in research and development within the vending, catering and concession industries. Cart/kiosk and trailer design, digital and LCD signage, automated technology, ATM banking, food, beverage and merchandising markets where scoped for the latest trends in retail while networking with industry experts, business consultants, technicians, engineers and designers all to design and develop  “VendaCarts” as the most opportunistic mobile automated retail store ever conceived.

“VendaCarts” is a custom designed mobile automated retail store equipped with up to nine built-in vending machines, a combination of service units such as microwaves, change makers and condiment stands and technology such as ATM’s, digital signage/LCD screens all with the ability to add remote monitoring systems for easier business management. Once on location, the sides of the kiosk open creating awnings, which exposes the ready to operate automated retail store. The combination of five industries under one roof introduces up to as many as 23 distinct profit centers and allows daily business activities to be accomplished by one person.

This is convenience retailing at its finest. Moving vending operations from the traditional bricks-and-mortar to the masses in the special events marketplace, construction/building sites, manufacturing locations, university settings, entertainment facilities and disaster relief sites leads the vending industry into a wider playing field multiplying locations and profits exponentially.   The “VendaCarts Revolution” is on!  Come join us!


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