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Latest Innovation in Vending Machine by Unicum “Move”

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By , April 8, 2016 2:40 pm

Latest innovation by Selecta-Unicum “Move” new vending machine launches into the 21st. century.



According to Boris Belotserkovsky, Unicum Chair­man of the Board: “We are very excited to offer this 21 century vending machine to the North American market. Unicum is very proud that the largest Euro­pean operator SELECTA is using MOVE at Charles d’ Gaulle airport, Paris train Station and over 400 dif­ferent locations in France, Switzerland, and other European countries. We are sure that NAMA ONE­SHOW is the best place to introduce to our North American partners the latest innovations in vend­ing industry. For Unicum the next logical step will be expanding to North America through building new strategic partnerships.’

George Bellow, Director of International Sales: “MOVE key innovations include a 15-inch touch screen, multi-vend possibilities via basket shop­ping and, up to 50% more capacity for a wider product offering. I believe MOVE is ideal for any outdoor location with the machine being able to withstand any weather, anti graffiti paint and van­dal proof merchandise door dispensing mecha­nism. ”

MOVE features a modern design with integrated side panels for advertising. All Unicum machines have been de­veloped with GPRS MODEM technology allowing connecting to the UONLINE bidirectional telemetry.

Look for MOVE at NAMA ONESHOW booth 1243.

 Selecta’s next generation of self-serve food and beverage machines manufactured by Russian specialist Unicum.

NAMA’s Key 2014 Highlights for Vending Industry

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By , May 20, 2015 10:59 am

NAMA’s key 2014 highlights for the vending industry can be seen at Vending Marketwatch or following link below.



Key 2014 highlights include:

  • Favorable outcomes for the industry in the areas of Calorie Disclosure and the Metallic Content of Coins through fostering relationships with legislators, industry partners and influencers
  • The launch of FitPick 2.0 and recognition of NAMA as a leader and credible voice on nutrition issues
  • New educational offerings including a technology summit – Tech Talks
  • NAMA Foundation-supported research on topics including industry scope and size, taxes, micro markets and the annual Operating Ratio Report
  • Increased growth and involvement of NAMA’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) in industry events

To view the highlights video and the 2014 Results Report, please visit: http://www.vending.org/2014-year-end-report


Sneak Peak on “The Snacking Story”

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By , April 13, 2015 1:51 pm

CHICAGO – April 9, 2015 – Nutrition expert and bestselling author David Grotto, MS, RDN, LDN, will present a sneak preview of breakthrough research on the snacking story at the OneShow Wednesday, April 22 at 11:30 a.m. at the Las Vegas Convention Center.David_Grotto_Headshot_5527eb82a16a6

“Understanding new dimensions of snacking is an important component of being able to meet the needs of today’s consumers, most importantly millennials.  We are delighted David is participating and recognize the significant value of the material he will present,” said Roni Moore, NAMA’s vice president of marketing and public relations.

Grotto’s session, The Snacking Story: Trends and Solutions for Vending and Refreshment Services, will explore how product innovation, merchandising and marketing should be aligned with modern eating realities to meet consumer demand for better-for-you snack offerings.

Research data suggests that today’s consumers rarely follow the approach of three balanced meals, making “snacks the new black,” said Grotto. These new eating behaviors combined with a current focus on healthand wellness has catapulted the role of snacks way beyond “meal bridgers.” Consumer demand is growing for snacks that deliver physical, emotional, social and cultural benefits.


In his presentation, Grotto will share how the refreshment services industry can leverage this new snack trend information to meet the growing needs of today’s consumer.

David Grotto is the Senior Nutrition Marketing Business Partner for the Kellogg’s Specialty Channels Division, where he provides nutrition solution guidance for K-12, colleges, travel, military, vending, convenience and food service. In addition to his work with Kellogg’s, Grotto is a bestselling author of three books including his latest, Best Things You Can Eat. He is also a freelance writer and serves as an advisor to Fitness magazine. Prior to his work with Kellogg’s, Grotto hosted a live radio show on health and nutrition for 10 years, as well as a local television show. He also served as a media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Grotto has more than 25 years of experience in the nutrition and wellness arena. He is a registered dietician and holds a Master’s in nutrition and wellness from Benedictine University.


NAMA Unveils Club FitPack

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By , April 13, 2015 1:27 pm



CHICAGO – April 13, 2015 – Today, NAMA announced the unveiling of Club FitPick, a new initiative designed to provide a forum for FitPick users, will take place at OneShow 2015.

“We are delighted to debut Club FitPick as an important resource for member companies and organizations who participate in and support the program.  We know that providing “better for you” choices to consumers at workplaces, universities, hospitals and public buildings can be a challenge – a challenge made much easier with “peer” to “peer” information sharing.  Club FitPick will be a user forum, eventually featuring an online element on the FitPick website (www.fitpick.org) where questions can be asked and answers can be given,” said Roni Moore, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations.

Membership into Club FitPick is available at no cost and open to all FitPick users, including operators who support the program, manufacturers of compliant products and manufacturers of FitPick-themed machines and graphics.


VENDING PARIS 2014 Featuring the Newest Business Ideas and Vending Machines

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By , February 25, 2014 10:21 am

Vending Paris 2014 NAMA show offers new technology and business ideas for your next vending machine. Andreas Exarheas a food editor for Food & Beverage features the Vending Paris show in a recent post with the newest vending solutions..

The iON machine features InstaChill technology, which instantly chills water without air contacting the water supply, and a RapidHot system that has the capacity to produce up to two gallons of piping hot water per hour. http://www.foodbev.com/opinion/microwaves-and-baseball-bats-at-vending#.Uwy-RbCYYdV

This product also offers a sparkling water option, as well as an energy saving ‘sleep mode’, and its CarbonPlus Filter can be removed by hand without turning off the water supply.

To finish off my first day at the event, I headed over to IntuiSense Technologies’ Interactive Vending Machine (IVM) and found out a little bit more about the French organization’s innovative and eye-catching new design. The company’s international sales and marketing director Catherine Yzer explained that the system uses gesture recognition technology instead of traditional touchscreen equipment, which allows for a secure surface capable of withstanding the force of a baseball bat! The IVM is also completely customizable and supports a variety of payment options such as cash-less, closed loop and classic coin systems.

easymeal800-150wFollowing a quick walk around the exhibition hall, I came across the new Easymeal vending machine: a vending system designed specifically for ready meals that includes three of its very own microwaves. This vending machine holds 12 different meals, all of which contain cutlery and take two minutes to cook for the price of €4.

Easymeal co-founder and CEO George Badra told me the company doesn’t charge for the installation of its new vending machine, and stated that this product was built in order to ‘bring convenience to the lives of public consumers’.

Easymeal is the answer for the healthy consumer.

It’s Not the Vending Machine that Makes YOU OBESE

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By , August 9, 2013 12:32 pm

It’s not the vending machine that makes you obese, operators need to take notice.  There seems to be some buzz about a recent news clip by KSL.com local Utah station on the Discovery Gateway Museum in Utah.http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=26258040

SALT LAKE CITY — A vending machine at the Discovery Gateway Museum is drawing attention.   Maria Farrington, a museum employee, said this particular exhibit is creating a lot of buzz. “All of us are conditioned to put money in and get sugary, sweet sodas,” she said. “Here, you don’t have to put money in. It tricks you by saying, ‘Woah, no money, it’s free!’ “It’s called The LiveWell vending machine, and it has some serious attitude. When kids push the buttons, instead of getting a sweet treat, they get life advice.

Utah Vending

All of us are conditioned to put money in and get sugary, sweet sodas. Here, you don’t have to put money in. It tricks you by saying woah, no money, it’s free! “Back up! Back up! No seriously, for your health, move away from the vending machine,” blares an automated voice Farrington said. 

When kids try to grab a snack, they get a message about health in its place.  “It’s some information that will carry us not only throughout that whole day, that whole summer and hopefully our whole life,” Farrington said. The exhibit at Discovery Gateway is a permanent fixture. There’s also a travelling vending machine that visits schools, hospitals, and other public venues.

In Utah are vending machines the only means for kids to get a sweet or salty unhealthy snack? 

I didn’t think so, what about every and any convenience or grocery store check out line.

Since when did a vending machine make you obese?

Vending Marketwatch blogger Emily Refermat responded on VM’s recent blog post, “I suppose when someone has an agenda, any industry is fair game to bash. But really, where’s the research correlating the rate of obesity to how often someone indulges in a snack from a vending machine? ‘Back away for the sake of your health’ seems pretty generalized and I don’t think kids will really get the message. Research shows education is the best defense. That’s what a museum is supposed to do after all, isn’t it? But instead, vending machines have been added to the Utah youth’s “don’t” list.”http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/news/11080254/blog-vending-machines-make-utahs-naughty-list

What has NAMA and the Northwest Automated Vending Association done about this?


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