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VendaCarts “Mobilizes” the Vending Industry

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By , July 9, 2018 3:06 pm



Carts Blanche, LLC delivers VendaCarts mobile automated kiosk -a breakthrough idea! The vending, concession and catering industries are primed for new innovations that maximize sales, elevate pricing and create new venues.


VendaCarts Mobile Automated Kiosks moves vending to locations such as outdoor specialty events, university campuses, sports and entertainment facilities, disaster relief areas, military installations and construction/building sites.


The VendaCarts concession/vending/catering kiosk is a new style of food service. The design makes efficient use of valuable space combining up to nine built-in vending machines, eight microwaves, ATM’s, condiment stands, digital/LCD signage etc. under one roof.


Consider the benefits: unattended sales, mobile real-estate, machine interchangeability, venue versatility and immediate return on investment.


VendaCarts kiosks appeal to forward thinking companies and individuals looking for a competitive edge as well as to those entering the automated industry for the first time.


For more information:

Please call: 251-786-5852


VendaTech Trailers Add’s Wheels to your Security Kiosks

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By , May 20, 2018 9:04 am

   VendaTech Trailers Add’s Wheels to your Security Kiosks




Carts Blanche, LLC, “VendaTech” offers a comprehensive integration of mobility and technology kiosks moving operations from the traditional bricks-and-mortar buildings to where the people are at Pedestrian Crossings.

   Consider the Benefits

  • Self-Containment
  • Machine Interchangeability
  • Multi-purpose Applications
  • Security Designed Solutions
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Overhead

         Carts Blanche, LLC, 325 Cottage Hill Rd., Mobile, AL 36606 www.cartsblanche.com info@cartsblanche.com 251-786-5852

The “Storage Supply Depot” Automated Kiosk

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By , August 31, 2015 12:59 pm

Storage_supply_depot.55d358205a124This is an interesting solution for storage room supplies, making

them handy to customers through automated kiosk.


DES MOINES, IOWA – August 17, 2015 – All Brands Vending Resources, Inc. (All Brands), a leading 84-year old vending machine equipment manufacturer and provider of custom vending machines, announces the introduction of the  “Storage Supply Depot.” The Storage Supply Depot is an automated kiosk specifically tailored to the needs of self storage facilities and their owners.

As a Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) partner, All Brands is demonstrating the Company’s commitment to the self storage industry and its customers by attending the SBOA’s 2015 Self Storage Association (SSA) Fall Conference and Trade Show. The two-day event will be held on September 9th – 10th, 2015 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. All Brands’ Sales Manager, Bill Fankell commented, “The 2015 SSA Fall Conference provides us with an exceptional platform to launch the Storage Supply Depot. We are excited to provide self storage facilities and their owners with a new profit center. The Storage Supply Depot will allow self storage owners to maximize their packing supply sales in a cost efficient manner.”

The Self Storage Depot automated kiosk features a high security outdoor package that guards against weather and vandalism and is energy efficient as well as ADA compliant. As a part of the introductory special, the Storage Supply Depot can be leased for as little as $7.00 per day, which equates to the profit on one lock sale per day! In addition, for a limited time All Brands is offering a complimentary “Starter Kit” (MSRP $1,000) including all of the bestselling packaging products to allow self storage facility owners to start generating revenue with the Storage Supply Depot upon delivery.

About All Brands Vending Resources, Inc.

All Brands Vending Resources, Inc. is a leading vending machine equipment manufacturer and provider of custom vending machines. The Company utilizes award-winning technology and offers factory direct warranties, parts and service, and financing. All Brands’ full service program assists first-time owner-operators to seasoned vendor-operators looking to expand a growing business. Machine selections include traditional snack and soda vending machines to customized machines targeting niche markets.


ECOATM Markets a New Kiosk that buys Cell Phones

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By , June 15, 2015 1:59 pm

Who Buys Cell Phones for Instant Cash? ecoATM!


ecoATM kiosks accept devices of any era or condition and use a worldwide auction system to offer consumers competitive prices – ranging from a few dollars for older models to a few hundred for newer smartphones – depending upon condition. We buy back cell phones and other mobile devices in most transactions. Sometimes very old devices may not be worth anything, but we still accept them for responsible processing.

Recycling with ecoATM

ecoATM is able to find a second life for the majority of devices collected. For the remaining ecoATM partners with R2 certified e-waste reclamation facilities to ensure those materials are responsibly reused and recycled.

ecoATM provides a safe, secure way for consumers to recycle used electronic devices, and has implemented extensive security features and processes to deter the sale of stolen devices. ecoATM sets the standard for the highest level of transparency and cooperation with law enforcement.

As of December 31, 2014, ecoATM had approximately 1,890 kiosks located in shopping malls and select large retailers nationwide. The kiosks provide cash payments as an incentive for consumers to . In addition to the cash consumers earn by recycling their devices through ecoATM, we’ve collected four million devices.  +-http://www.ecoatm.com/how-it-works/cycle

Carts Blanche, LLC Mobile Beyond Motion

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By , April 8, 2015 9:56 am


Carts Blanche, VendaCarts Strategic Mobile Automated Retail Stores Serves the Masses Expanding Sales of Traditional & Non-Traditional Vend-able Products

 Or do you need more? VendaCarts has more use ability qualities then just vending products, what about date terminal, networking terminal, ATM, Gaming.

You choose what goes on the trailer, we will make it fix what your need.

Carts Blanche, LLC – Mobile Beyond Motion

untitledWant a stand alone building?

 Suspension lowering system puts the trailer flat on ground and with a removable tongue/hitch you now have a stand alone building.

VendaCarts advantage over a brick and mortar structure is you can move the trailer anywhere, with only a few simple steps it become portable.

Kiosk Opportunities, Equipment Opportunity, Marketing Opportunities

  • Unattended
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Fast Service
  • Self-serve
  • Low Maintenance
  • Mobility

Vending Benefits                                                                                                                                            

  • Work Force Catering
  • Large Product Offering
  • Fast Service
  • Self-serve
  • Unattended Sales
  • 24/7 Operation

Locations Benefits

  • Remote Areas
  • Military Sites
  • Oil/Gas Fields
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Disaster Relief Areas
  • Construction/Building Sites

Carts Blanche, LLC                                                                                                        352 Suite B Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, Alabama 36606                                                                                                Phone (251) 786-5852  www.cartsblanche.com                                             Email: info@cartsblanche.com

Carts Blanche Offers New Innovations for the Vending Industry

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By , September 10, 2014 10:53 am

Carts Blanche, LLC Revolutionizing the Vending Industry

  signature-trailer Carts Blanche offers new innovation for the vending industry, moving beyond the bricks and mortar and extending the playing field. Carts Blanche, LLC understands the need for breakthrough ideas! The vending, concession and catering industries are primed for new innovations that maximize sales, elevate pricing and create new venues.    “VendaCarts” is an innovatively smart and technologically driven Mobile Vending Store.  The kiosks design integrates five industries under one roof, (banking–ATM’s and credit transactions, vending-automated, advertising-mobile billboards and digital signage, kiosk-mobility and technology- network andWi-Fi enabled), creating up to 23 distinct revenue generating streams of income with operations being performed by a single person.

Satellite Retail

Carts Blanche, LLC offers new marketing and retail channels around the world with VendaCarts,

mobile automated sales driving revenue in new locations.


  • Mobility –The functionality of mobile real-estate gives the owner numerous ways to use the business, in hundreds of different locations. The exterior of the trailer when wrapped with graphics acts as a mobile billboard.
  • Ease of Use Take-down and set-up are fast and easy, requiring a single person.
  • SelfServe Lines – Both sides of the trailer open exposing the self-serve operations that allows a person to step right up to the automated machine, make their selections and pay.

Once on location both sides of the trailer are raised to create awnings, exposing the ready to operate self-serve food and beverage vending business. The automated machines create a quick way to deliver food to more customers in a shorter timeframe. The pre-packaged foods and beverages insure healthier and safer products for the customer.   Carts Blanche LLC “VendaCarts” offers a comprehensive business design solution without the expense and delays of customization. The integration of mobility and automated machines moves vending from the traditional bricks-and-mortar into new markets while offering opportunities to expand venue space promote products and increase profit margins.   Carts Blanche, LLC, 352 Cottage Hill Rd., Mobile, AL 36606   01 251-786-5852          www.cartsblanche.com                      

Basic Power Protection Rules for Vending Machines and Kiosk

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By , August 18, 2014 2:51 pm

Today I read in Smarttalk’s blog about how knowing some basic power protection rules

for vending machines and kiosk can save you $$$ and headaches.

We have found that you can’s assume to know to much

about your power source and how it can affect your technology on board.



Power – How it can affect your payment systems.

by Vending Marketing Manager on 2014-08-18 in |  
It’s easy… Just plug it in to an outlet and it works. Electricity, or power, has many obvious benefits to our industry. It keeps the soft drinks cold and the coffee or tea hot. It lights the machine to attract consumers and provides the convenience of quenching your thirst or shooing away that afternoon hunger.Power is just as vital for the operation of your payment systems, as well. Many things regarding power can impact the performance of payment systems. So we should all follow a few basic rules when installing the vending machine and the payment systems.First, know the minimum power requirements of your vending machine. Many machines have refrigeration, heating systems, motors, sensors, lights, etc., etc. And that’s without the payment systems. One basic rule of thumb is to have your vending machine plugged into a dedicated line or socket. Doing this will almost always ensure that the power supply, during peak operating times, will not affect the performance of the machine.Second, if the machine is located in an industrial area where high electrical noise or interference could be a problem, you should consider using some type of surge protector/electrical noise filter.

By looking after the power requirements of your machine, you greatly reduce the potential of power causing problems with the payment systems.

Now for the payment systems.

Connections: Make sure connections are correct and secure. A few things to check are to visibly inspect the connectors. If a pin or wire is loose, it could make the connection intermittent. If there is a locking tab on the connector, use it, make sure it is not damaged and inspect that it is secure.

Cables: Inspect all cables for damaged insulation, exposed wires, and if it will rub or interfere with any mechanical operation of the vendor.

Cable Ties: Always have many on hand. You should use these to secure cables in the machine. This minimizes cable interference with mechanical systems and reduces the chance of cable damage when opening and closing the doors of the machine.

And lastly, the topic of hot plugging:

We are reminded to never disconnect or connect payment systems while the machine is powered on. This practice puts great stress on the vending machine controller’s (VMC) power supply. Over time the VMC can be damaged when payment systems are hot plugged. This is because with each hot plug, the stress on the power supply can be accumulative and slowly damage components on the VMC. But, in addition to the VMC, many payments systems can be damaged as well. That’s an additional concern for operators and technicians.

Some machines have power switches and some don’t. If you don’t have a power switch in your machine, you must get creative. Sometimes you can access the main wall plug, so that could be an option. Or you can access a fuse or connector that will disconnect power to the VMC. If you are not sure, contact the vendor manufacture or literature for your options.

The good news on this topic is that all current CPI payment devices are protected against hot plugging through their design. So if the mistake is made, you can rest assured that the CPI Coin Changer, Bill Validator or Cashless System (telemeter and bezel**) will not be damaged. But… let’s all be safe and power down the machine before making or breaking connections.

**Given the sensitivity and complexity of the cashless system, hot plug capability is especially advantageous in that it protects these expensive assets and any mix-ups with installation.

Custom Kiosk – Vending Machines and Automated Retail isThe Future

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By , July 30, 2014 9:33 am


new vc photo


Retail kiosks integrate online, self-service shopping options

Carts Blanche adds wheels to Micro-Stores with VendaMarts – Mobile Automated Retail Store

Demand is growing for the integration of online and self-service stores, according to Corona, Calif.-based AVT Inc., a developer of custom kiosks, vending machines and automated retailing.

AVT’s new Micro-Stores, which will be shipped out in the third quarter, combine kiosks with Internet retail options, the company said in an announcement.

For example, if a kiosk doesn’t have a customer’s preferred color or size, a touchscreen panel provides instant access to online shopping options, where orders can be shipped to the customer’s residence or to a retail location.

Cisco Systems research estimates the Micro-Stores to be a $7 billion revenue venture with return on investment within two years, the announcement said.

According to AVT, the stores have little overhead and provide unlimited access to merchandise, which can be an incentive for entrepreneurs wanting to open new businesses.

“Our customers have been asking for a more advanced micro-store, with integration to online shopping channels,” AVT founder and Chairman Shannon Illingworth said. “Our new automated platform provides business owners and entrepreneurs with the most advanced and effective system in the world, while giving customers the most engaging and comprehensive shopping experience.”

Micro-Stores can be placed in nearly any location, ATV said, such as parks, universities, airports, hotels and stadiums. KioskMarketplace.com  Media/News/Publishing


A Baguette Vending Machines Wins Top Prize in French Competition

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By , July 14, 2014 9:44 am

 WHAT’S NEW IN VENDING MACHINES?  Leave it to the French to come up with  a piping hot freshly baked baguette vending machine,

I can only imagine how great this smells.




French baguette-baking and -vending kiosk wins top prize for innovation

July 1, 2014

A baguette vending machine developed by French baker Jean-Louis Hecht has won the top prize in an annual French competition for unique inventions, the Concours Lepine.

Hecht’s Pani Vending machine, which cooks and sells baguettes 24 hours a day, won the competition’s President of the Republic prize.

Hecht, who patented the Pani Vending machine with his brother Jean-Claude, has sold 20 of the machines in France and four in Russia, the French edition of The Huffington Post reports.

The Pani Vending machines charge €1.00 ($0.92) to cook and dispense a pre-baked baguette. Operators can remotely manage their machines using PCs or smartphones.

Within a few months of buying a Pani Vending machine, French baker Yvan Hocquel sold around 11,000 baguettes, which helped him to pay for his €55,000 ($75,070).


VendaBanks – Wheels Banking into New Locations

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By , July 14, 2014 9:24 am

 Carts Blanche, LLC VendaBank can now offer ATM Machines over wheels or free standing Kiosk wrapped around both sides of our

Mobile Automated Bank.  “VendaBanks” wheels banking into massive construction sites,

disaster areas making convenience a priority.

untitled.png atm





Bank kiosks expand ATM services with face-to-face interaction

July 9, 2014

Citizens Bank of Edmond in Edmond, Oklahoma, became the first community branch in the nation to put a face to electronic banking with direct-video links at the ATM, according to an announcement from technology provider Ordermatic.

The  bank teamed up with OrderMatic to develop a video ATM kiosk that allows customers  to have face-to-face interactions with tellers from a remote location.

The kiosks are an expansion of drive-thru technology that is intended to offer more options for customers and more communication between companies and their clients, the company said.

“We are taking our drive-through technology that has successfully worked for six decades, and applying new methods of communication that appeal to a broader consumer base,” said Robert Powell, president and CEO of OrderMatic.

Customers can drive up to an ATM, touch an interactive screen and be automatically connected to a teller.

OrderMatic, based out of Oklahoma City, calls the kiosks See and Speak Interface. The company worked with Citizens Bank to install the machines at six locations.

CEO Jill Castilla of Citizens Bank said, “By adopting new technology, we’ve greatly expanded what an ATM can provide.”


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