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C-Store Decisions and Technomic Check out Ice Cream

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By , February 10, 2016 2:20 pm

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C-Store Decision offers research, tips and advice that can easily pertain to a vending operator.

Market your products in your VendaCarts, Mobile Convenience Store

as you would if you are stocking shelves.

Prepackaged snacks, ice cream novelties are still big sellers.

According to Mary Chapman, senior director of product innovation for Chicago-based research and consulting firm Technomic Inc., 73% of consumers said they buy ice cream as a snack at least occasionally, or at least once every 90 days. “Most of those snack options are most often consumed mid-evening and at retail,” she said. Interestingly, 47% said they buy frozen novelties for snacks.
Curt Rolland, director of retail operations for Golden Gate Petroleum in Martinez, Calif., which operates 25 convenience stores, said that in his stores ice cream novelties sell better than gallon or half-gallon containers.FLAVORFUL CHANGES
New ice cream flavors always stimulate trial. New products that are striking a chord at some convenience stores include Lemon Bliss (Blue Bell Creameries); Fireside S’mores and White Chocolate Raspberry Yum (Tillamook); Avocado, Coconut, Lychee and Thai Tea (Magnolia); and Muddy Boots, Appalachian Trail and Mount Katahdin Crunch (Gifford’s).

Opportunities to do that exist. For instance, retail sales of dairy alternatives made from soy, almonds, rice and coconut milk in the U.S. should top $1.7 billion by 2016, according to In addition, with new FDA labeling regulations set to be finalized soon, dairies, which will be required to add a considerable amount of nutritional information to their labeling under new industry guidelines, can use the opportunity to revamp their traditionally drab carton designs, adding color and eye-catching graphics.

Drop by and visit C-Store Decisions most anything that is sold in a convenience store can be vended.  They offer lots of good sound marketing and selling advice.


VendaMarts Mobile Automated Retail Pop Up Stores Hit the Beaches for Summer Fun

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By , July 25, 2014 9:30 am





It’s beach time and what goes better in hot weather than the beach.  Carts Blanche, VendaMarts – Mobile Automated Retail Pop Up Store can be your home away from home while enjoying the sand and sun without having to go far.  Our VendaMarts units can be stocked with traditional drinks, snacks, ice cream along with non traditional retail items:  Suntan lotion, flip flops, beach cap, lip care, bug bites, camera you can have everything you need.

Talking about ice cream, Fastcorp Z 400 is the ideal solution.



                      Fastcorp Z 400
                              Ice Cream MachineProvide your customers with an ice cream parlor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • A full variety of premium branded ice cream and frozen desserts
  • Outdoor vending capabilities
  • Will vend 12 different selections with a 400 unit inventory capacity
  • Most energy efficient ice cream vendor

Our smallest  VendaMarts 16′ holds four vending machines along with space for microwaves and ATM’s


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