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Facebook Is Your Answer

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By , May 17, 2017 11:04 am

I found this new site today and its packed full of tons of info you need and need fast.

Are you using your Facebook page to generate business, increase revenue and customers?

If not you’re loosing out and your business won’t grow to the capacity it can, Facebook is the answer.

https://www.impactbnd.com/     IMPACT Branding & Design

Facebook Engagement: How to Get More Likes, Shares, and Clicks

When a business doesn’t have a website, it’s surprising, but when it doesn’t have a Facebook page, it’s straight up dumbfounding.

Facebook pages, like most social media profiles, are free, easy to set up and use, and to a degree, level the competitive playing field for businesses — why wouldn’t you create one?

For those that have, it can be extremely frustrating when they don’t see success just as easily as the set up was, but there is hope.

While some brands do seem to get it right from the beginning, in most cases, Facebook engagement doesn’t come quickly thanks to the platform’s algorithmic timeline.

The brands who get the most likes, comments, and shares have the knowledge and tools to be successful, and after reading this article, you will too.

Are People Seeing My Brand’s Facebook Posts?

Facebook has evolved over the last several years and the most recent changes have had a significant impact on how many people see posts from your business page.

The bad news is fewer people see your company’s Facebook posts organically than in the past.

So, what happened?

In exchange for access to the content hosted, Facebook reserves the right to monitor individual usage patterns.

Each like, comment, and page view is tracked and then fed into a fancy algorithm that continues to personalize a user’s feed in order to optimize their experience. So that band you streamed yesterday? Hello! And that company page liked three months ago? Goodbye.


Consumers Packaged Goods Spending Insight – McKinsey

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By , August 15, 2016 9:28 am

Today’s spending is so unpredictable but McKinsey & Company help unravel the mystery with american consumers.

Part 1 of a 3 part update to help you, the vending operator, adjust with a changing climate.  Keep up to date on what sales, what packaged goods sale and who is buying them.


Meet today’s American consumer | McKinsey & Company //

US consumers feel better about their financial situation than they did a year ago, but they’re still hesitant to spend too much.

Compared with the rest of the world, Americans are feeling pretty good about their finances. While many consumers in other countries are living paycheck to paycheck and worrying about becoming unemployed, American consumers are comparatively unconcerned about their household’s financial future. This isn’t to say that US consumers are exuding confidence: financial-market volatility and the political uncertainty surrounding the upcoming presidential election are stoking fears of another downturn. Still, most Americans are staying loyal to their favorite brands instead of downgrading to cheaper options, and some are even splurging on certain types of purchases.

These are among the findings of our latest US Consumer Sentiment Survey, the 11th in a series we launched in 2008 (see sidebar, “Our survey methodology”). Our aim was to track how consumers feel about their financial prospects and how these sentiments are affecting their buying behavior. These insights have important implications for consumer-goods companies and retailers as they seek to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs and preferences.

Still cautious after all these years

Whereas in our 2014 survey 40 percent of Americans said they were living paycheck to paycheck, only 28 percent made that claim in 2015. Only 23 percent of survey respondents, down from a high of 48 percent in 2009, said they are finding it harder to make ends meet than they did a year ago. Most Americans—65 percent—expressed no concern about losing their job. In general, fewer American consumers are feeling economic pressure today than at any time since 2008 (Exhibit 1).


Cash Continues to be # 1 with Consumers

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By , January 19, 2016 8:57 am


Cash is still a prominent payment choice for consumers. The latest Cardtronics, Inc. survey reveals that in spite of people having access to and using a greater variety of payment methods, cash remains widely used and frequently selected for making all sorts of payments. From paying people back to convenience store purchases to tipping, cash retains a prominent place in the consumer payments landscape.

The findings come from a late 2015 Cardtronics-sponsored survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults, with survey data also uncovering surprising facts about how Millennials use cash.

“Cash is king for many consumers, even in today’s expanding universe of digital payment options,” said Tom Pierce, chief marketing officer, Cardtronics. “Our survey data clearly shows that in a competitive payments environment, cash is a predominant payment form and sits atop multiple spending categories.”

The survey asked, “What type of payment have you used in the past year for the following situations?”  And the answers revealed that while consumers are using a mix of payment methods, time and again, cash is number one in a variety of scenarios, including:CashSurveyFullPage__1_.569d172f32210

  • Paying someone back — Cash: 78 percent; runner-up Check at 18 percent
  • Convenience store purchases — Cash: 63 percent; runner-up Debit at 41 percent
  • Snacks away from home — Cash: 67 percent; runner-up Debit at 37 percent
  • Grocery Store — Cash: 52 percent; runner-up Debit at 51 percent
  • Small business — Cash: 49 percent; runner-up Credit at 43 percent
  • Restaurant — Cash: 53 percent; runner-up Credit at 48 percent
  • Tipping — Cash: 78 percent; runner-up Credit at 27 percent


  • In addition to identifying where and when cash continues to play a prominent role in consumer spending, the Cardtronics survey findings also provided insights into how different demographic groups use cash.”There is a myth in the marketplace that Millennials have abandoned cash in favor of mobile and other digital payments. It’s simply not true. What we found exposed the myth, with Millennials embracing cash usage along with new payment methods. Millennials take an open-minded view of payments and cash plays a pivotal role in their payment choice mix,” added Pierce.While more than half (57 percent) of Millennials reported using a greater variety of payment methods than before, nearly half (45 percent) of that group also said that they’re more likely to pay more with cash now than they did a few years ago. In fact, Millennials report increased cash usage at the greatest clip compared with all other survey respondents.


By , May 27, 2015 12:46 pm


Consumers do have a voice.

Taco Bell To Remove Artificial Ingredients Due To Consumer Demand

Consumers are asking for more natural foods with fewer artificial ingredients, and Taco Bell has announced plans to do just that. Taco Bell Corp.announced in a release that it will remove all artificial colors and flavors from the majority of its items, in addition to certain additives, added trans fats, palm oil and high-fructose corn syrup. These changes are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

Taco Bell is one of the first quick serve restaurants to make dramatic menu changes based on the changing consumer, but it won’t be the last. According to an earlier report, already two out of three consumers (67%) favor foods with fewer and simpler ingredients, while roughly the same percentage take nutritional content statements, ingredient-free statements, and statements about health benefits into consideration when buying packaged foods and beverages.   http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/news/12077456/taco-bell-to-remove-artificial-ingredients-due-to-consumer-demand?utm_source=VMW+Today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=AUTM150520002


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