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Can the Strategy C-Stores use Boost Sales for Vending Operators?

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By , September 25, 2015 8:56 am

Can the strategy convenience stores use to boost sales apply to vending operators and YOUR vending business?  YES! Below is an article focused on C-Stores, I have highlighted the points that could apply to your vending business, check them out.

How to Boost Sales in Convenience Stores

by Miki Markovich, Demand Media

Boost convenience store sales by motivating your employees to provide excellent customer service.

Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images http://smallbusiness.chron.com/boost-sales-convenience-stores-24776.html

Step 2 Reward your employees to provide exemplary customer service. Although many convenience store owners may believe that paying close to minimum wage will only bring them average or below-average employees, with some creative motivation, you may be able to provide the top service in town. Consider implementing an employee reward system. Use comment cards, sales goals or other markers as an employee performance measurement base. Reward the employee with gift certificates or other incentives for meeting milestones. Also, send cards and perhaps a small gift on birthdays and employment anniversaries to show you care about your employees as people.

Step 4 Brainstorm products and service options. Seek innovation. Consider what special products or services you can provide to entice customers to shop at your establishment. This may mean installing a drive-through or stocking video game rentals. If you have large truck or RV parking, it may mean providing services that appeal more to cross-country travelers.

Step 5 Merchandise your products attractively. People are more likely to buy products that are featured in an attractive display.

Step 6 Position complementary items near each other. This way, when a customer buys one item, for example charcoal, they can easily find other necessities such as lighter fluid or long matches. This can boost sales by doubling purchases.

Step 7 Create a loyalty program. There are many options from punch cards for drink purchases to coupons for total money spent. You may desire to get creative and offer convenience store Bingo cards. Once patrons get five products stamped in a row, they receive prizes.

Step 8 Watch for trends. Learn what items people are spending their money on and stock them.

Snackification of Breakfast Studies 5 Success Factors

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By , March 11, 2015 2:35 pm



amtk1878 Breakfast & Snack Foods.tif


THE FIVE SUCCESS FACTORS In October 2014, breakfast cereal sales fell 5 percent. Surprisingly, that money didn’t leave the breakfast segment. Instead the sales shifted to other breakfast products; products with more convenience and portability. “The change at breakfast is shown by the surging sales of snack-type products, although in fact the word ‘snacking’ is really now just a shorthand for describing single-serve convenient consumption,” wrote Julian Mellentin in her study The Snackification of Breakfast. Mellentin notes that anyone looking to gain a share of breakfast sales needs to consider the five success factors of breakfast snacks:

  • satisfying
  • convenient
  • delicious
  • energy boost
  • healthy

Luckily for vending operators, there are a plethora of new breakfast snacks that fit all of Mellentin’s criteria and are simultaneously shelf stable and dispensable.


Consumers get hungry in the afternoon. All vending operators can attest to that, but if you want your ‘traditional’ breakfast items to sell in the afternoon, too, you need to focus on why the consumers are eating at 2 p.m. Research has found that consumers turn to snacking as part of meal replacement. They may need an energy boost, they may not have eaten lunch, etc. Whatever the reason, operators need to turn to their planogram to ensure they are providing snacks such as bars, breakfast sandwiches or pre-packaged oatmeal that meet the five success factors. Remember, when merchandising a vending machine, 60 percent of your price points should contain the top selling items. Then operators should use the other 40 percent of spirals to provide customers with rotational items. Top-seller cost will be the highest but you can use rotational items to bring down the average cost of each price.


Convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants are two segments competing for the consumer dollar, but to beat them, you must join them. It’s very easy to walk into a c-store or QSR and view how they are satisfying breakfast and snacking trends with items offered. Ask, “Which breakfast snacks and how many are in the planogram?” Operators need not fear offering what might be considered a traditional ‘breakfast’ item, as those items will play a key role in the changing breakfast and snacking trend. “Much of the success at breakfast comes from creating propositions beyond consumers’ imaginations and then building consumer demand for them,” said Mellentin. Vending operators have a unique opportunity profit from snacking trends by offering all-day breakfast items.

VendaCarts Mobile C-Store Best Business Idea for 2014

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By , February 28, 2014 2:03 pm

Carts Blanche, VendaCarts can offer more conveniences then C-Store.  VendCarts Mobile C-Store best business idea for 2014. 

Convenience stores offer speed of service to time-starved consumers who want to get in and out of the store quickly. 3

These shoppers recognize this channel of trade for its convenient locations, extended hours of operation, one-stop shopping, grab-and-go foodservice, variety of merchandise and fast transactions.

VendaCarts Offers: Mobility

More location – Extended Hours of Operation, One-Stop Shopping, Grab-n-Go Foodservice, Variety of Merchandise and Fast Transactions, ATM, Speed of Service, Easy Payment Method,

You take the C-Store to where the crowds are, you stock it with what they need and want.images

Meals, Snacks, Hot and Cold Beverages, Fresh Food, Ice Cream, Desserts:

Think Non – Traditional:  Sun Screen, Caps, Sunglasses, Lip Protection, Medicine,

batteries, rain gear, disposal cameras, memory cards, phone cards, totes, flip flops, hair accessories,

kids stuff and much, much more.

Most items can be vended anything that you would possible need is there.

VendaCarts – Mobile C-Store – The Future of Mobile Vending Machines

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By , February 25, 2014 11:32 am

After reading this article for the second time I just had to express the obivious – VendaCarts, Mobile C-Store.  Technomic’s report points out 4 important facts and all 4 can easily be improved with vending and especially with mobile vending machines on VendaCarts, Mobile C-Store. VendaCarts One-man operation offers flexibility in hours and lower cost in labor expenses. 

To help operators and manufacturers stay on top of current trends and evolving consumer needs, Technomic has developed the Convenience Store Market Intelligence Report. Other consumer insights found in the report include:hero-img

  • Three-fourths of consumers (76 percent) who purchase prepared foods from convenience stores report that these locations provide a convenient option.

1.  Location is convenient. – VendaCarts makes C-Store no longer land locked.

  • Two-fifths of consumers say they would visit convenience stores for prepared foods more often if freshness and quality were improved.

2.  Increase sales by adding fresh quality prepackaged foods to your vending machine and keep them current.

  • Convenience stores top other types of retail locations for breakfast patronage, and convenience stores are the only segment to see a significant increase in breakfast patronage over the past few years. This is likely driven by coffee purchases.

3.  Breakfast is a must for increased sales at convenient stores, sandwiches remain the top breakfast entrée. Your vending machines on VendaCarts should always be stocked with fresh breakfast sandwiches and coffee for higher profits..

  • Entrées account for more than half of c-store menu items, with their share of the menu expanding significantly to 51 percent in the second quarter of 2013 from 47 percent a year earlier. Sandwich remains the top breakfast entrée.

4.  Entrees sales have increased 51% over the year earlier. – Vending is no longer snacks and beverages – VendaCarts turns vending into the C-Store of the future. 




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