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The Benefits of Owning a VendaCart

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By , May 10, 2018 11:55 am


The Benefits of Owning a VendaCart

 Mobile Automated Business


Single Person Operation from start to finish


Low overhead                             No franchise fee               Rolling billboard

Mobile real-estate                     Easy maintenance           Venue versatility

Large product offering               Ease of use                          Large product offering

Unattended sales                    Increased profit margins   Captive customer base

Business can operate 24/7         Fast financial return         Top quality components

Flexible hours’                           Great curb appeal             Weekend employment

Security designed solutions       Minimal inventory               Increased profit margins

Multi-purpose applications           Single person operation

High-volume customer base        Multiple advertising opportunities

Immediate return on investment

  • 24/7 Operation Unattended sales around the clock
  • Fully Contained The trailer design houses everything needed to operate this business: automated machines, generators, microwaves, condiment stands, change machines, ATM’s etc.
  • Mobility –The functionality of mobile real-estate gives the owner numerous ways to use the business, in hundreds of different locations. The exterior of the trailer when wrapped with graphics acts as a mobile billboard.
  • Ease of Use Take-down and set-up are fast and easy, requiring a single person.
  • SelfServe Lines – Both sides of the trailer open exposing the self-serve operations that allows a person to step right up to the automated machine, make their selections and pay.
  • Security –The exterior of the trailer has dual semi-style locking system for added security. The vending machines are bolted to the floor of the trailer that has been reinforced to handle the weight of the equipment. The machines are bolted to each other to keep the machines secure.
  • Large Product Selection –Vending machines can be configured to vend food and beverage products, non-perishable items, toys, cloths, hats, tools, books, magazines, medical supplies
  • Generators –Can be added for locations without power source.



Carts Blanche, LLC, 352 Cottage Hill Rd., Suite B, Mobile, AL 36606   01 251-786-5852 www.cartsblanche.com

Who Are Potential Vending Customers For VendaCarts?

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By , May 25, 2016 1:12 pm



  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative part time or full time small business will find our new and exciting mobile automated retail store a great opportunity for specialty events, construction sites and manufacturing locations. NO FRANCHISE FEES
  • Veterans 4 Vending“Veterans 4 Vending” a division of Carts Blanche, LLC is calling all veterans to view our VendaCarts Mobile Automated Retail Stores – A Revolutionary Business Opportunity! We are committed to investing in and delivering a platform of support to enable veterans to become successful business owners. Carts Blanche’s “Veterans 4 Vending” mentoring program is a business solution that gives the customer a clear understanding of the operations of the VendaCarts mobile automated business. Consultants work with customers providing tools for success, from planning to business launch. . The mentoring program is “FREE” and is offered prior to any commitment of purchase. The program focuses on three key areas: Business Operations, Equipment Acquisition, Custom Design Options
  • Marketing/Promotional Companies and Corporations who are looking for the latest concept for the marketing and promotion of products can engage audiences with new interactive robotic machines. VendaPromotions is the latest solution for experiential marketing and branding campaigns. Utilize the VendaCarts vehicle in their marketing and branding promotions campaign for new product launches and media exposure in non-traditional locations.
  • Construction Companies can add VendaWorks to their locations for the catering of workers. Automated machines deliver food and beverage products faster than traditional catering food trucks. The vending machines can also vend tools, supplies and equipment need at jobsites.
  • Vending Machine Operators can expand their existing routes through work site installations at building/construction sites and shut downs with our small businesses. NO FRANCHISE FEES
  • “BABY BOOMERS” – Active Retirees interested in making a living while traveling to specialty events of interest will enjoy the ease of operating our kiosks and the profits earned. The vending machines are easy to fill and require little time.
  • Commercial food service providers looking to broaden industry demographics by creating satellite venues on university campuses, sport/ entertainment facilities, parks/ resorts. VendaCarts offers on-the-go service to their customers.
  • Catering companies who supply food in the hospitality industry, job sites and outdoor events can now offer a wider selection of foods and beverages by using our mobile food catering kiosk.


Contact (215) 786-5852  or Via Email   info@cartsblanche.com

Vending Machine Coffee Sells Soar with no Promise of Coming Down

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By , January 24, 2014 12:36 pm


Good News for Starbucks, net revenue increased 12% to 4.2 billion.  Even greater news for vendors, start now planning, this revolutionary business opportunity in coffee.   VendaCarts mobile trailers “Pop Up Coffee Café” with coffee vending machines can make your dreams of owning your own business a reality.  Low Overhead, No Bricks and Mortar Building Expenses, Endless Locations, One-Man Operation.

Starbucks Corp. reported financial results for its 13-week fiscal first quarter ended Dec. 29, 2013.

First quarter fiscal 2014 highlights:

  • Consolidated net revenues increased 12 percent to $4.2 billion
  • Global comparable store sales grew 5 percent, driven by a 4 percent increase in trafficstarbucks-logo_10601606
    • Americas and U.S. comp growth of 5 percent, driven by a 4 percent increase in traffic
    • EMEA comp growth of 5 percent, the highest growth in 13 quarters, driven by a 3 percent increase in traffic
    • China/Asia Pacific comp growth of 8 percent, driven by a 7 percent increase in traffic
  • Consolidated operating income increased 29 percent to $814 million
  • Consolidated operating margin improved 260 basis points to 19.2 percent
  • Earnings per share increased 25 percent to $0.71 per share
  • Dollars loaded on Starbucks Cards globally reached $1.4 billion in the quarter; the My Starbucks Rewards program now has over 7 million active members in the U.S.
  • Opened 417 net new stores globally – bringing total store count to 20,184 – including the 4,000th store in CAP and the 2,000th store in EMEA

“Holiday 2013 was the first in which many traditional brick and mortar retailers experienced in-store foot traffic give way to online shopping in a major way,” said Howard Schultz, chairman, president and CEO of Starbucks Coffee Co., in a prepared statement. “As our solid traffic growth and record Q1 results demonstrate, Starbucks unique combination of physical and digital assets positions us as one of the very few consumer brands with a national and global footprint to benefit from the seismic shift underway.”

“Starbucks strong Q1 results once again demonstrate the fundamental strength of the Starbucks business, particularly noteworthy given the continued economic challenges worldwide,” said Troy Alstead, CFO and group president. “Successful holiday sales around the globe drove healthy growth in comparable store sales which, combined with our best in class operations, drove another quarter of record operating results. Our continued ability to execute at this level gives us the confidence to reaffirm our aggressive growth targets for fiscal 2014.”


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