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VendaCarts Pop Up Beauty Bar – Beauty Buzz

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By , June 14, 2017 10:23 am

Have you ever thought of a POP-UP Beauty Bar – Carts Blanche’s VendaCarts offers just that.

Beauty Buzz 

Millennials drive soaring sales for beauty products

One industry that seems to have a fast track from startup to being bought for millions by large corporate conglomerates is the beauty biz. And right now, that business is on fire.

While retail in general is in the doldrums, beauty sales are “skyrocketing” according to WWD. Jane Hali, the CEO of retail investment research firm Jane Hali & Associates, told WWD that beauty products are selling these days because of “differentiation. Beauty offers uniqueness and newness,” she says, while apparel is “a sea of sameness.”

Millennials are such big consumers of beauty products that by their sheer numbers they create beauty trends—and fads. Right now, says millennial authority Ypulse, these young consumers are obsessed with natural ingredients, which led to natural beauty products growing 7% last year, compared to 2% growth in the overall beauty market.

Focusing on one aspect of the beauty market—nails—Mintel says the nail treatment category is attracting a lot of consumer interest and brands are “bringing new innovations to this sector, replicating claims and formats seen in facial skincare.” This is driven, says Mintel, by consumers wanting to, “care for and treat their skin, not simply disguise imperfections.”

American consumers, in particular, are concerned about chemicals in products, which has led to brands adding ingredients you’d be comfortable eating in a healthy salad, like kale, turmeric, carrots, milk and almonds.

If this industry sector interests you, Mintel forecasts, “Looking to the future, there are opportunities for nail polish brands to further promote their superfood ingredients by texture matching, or creating DIY products for users to mix at home.” Another area of opportunity, it says, is creating products for aging nails—”hydrating, strengthening and smoothing products, designed specifically for older consumers.”http://mailchi.mp/smallbizdaily/teen-scene-to-market-to-teens-heres-what-you-need-to-know-615369?e=d4f7aa6700   Follow Trendcast for the latest and greatest trends.

Glam on Wheels – Cosmetic Vending Machines adds Glam to VendaMarts

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By , April 15, 2014 11:22 am

Glam on the go cosmetic vending machines are a hit with Sharon from Beauty 050 – Blogazine.  Her take on cosmetic vending machines are more then true and sort of sums up the Gen Y opinion on the future of vending.  These vending machines are quit the rage but add wheels to them and you have your own VendaMarts – Glam on Wheels.  Our mobile retail stores featur a combination of vending machines are definitely for the new youthful thinking customers.


“After the airport’s TSA dumped your prized cosmetic possessions in the trash, how convenient is it to find a vending machine, just down the corridor, that will allow you to replace your treasures without having to look at a smirking kiosk vendor as she takes your hard-earned cash?? Don’t ever you wonder if the two are in cahoots??

The cosmetic companies know that you’re flying regularly now, and, instead of  putting a representative in every airport terminal “pushing” their wares like the Hari Krishna’s of the 1980′s,  they’re putting glossy-cool and cutsie-wootsie vending machines around to tempt you during wait-times and layovers.”

Check out Sharon’s Znaty, Beauty Editor  http://www.beautyo50.com/glam-on-the-go-cosmetic-vending-machines/





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