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VendaCarts” Mobile Automated Store Expands Vending’s Horizon

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By , July 23, 2018 7:43 pm

           “VendaCarts” is an innovatively smart and technologically driven Mobile Automated Store. The design integrates five industries under one roof, Banking–ATM’s and credit transactions, Vending-automated, Advertising-mobile billboards and Digital /LCD signage, Trailer-mobility and Technology– remote management network creating up to 23 distinct revenue generating streams with operations being performed by a Single Individual.


          “VendaCarts” self-serve multi-function trailer is packaged with the customer’s choice of vending machines in addition to equipment such as ATM’s, digital / LCD signage, microwaves, change machines and condiment stands. The trailers are also sold empty for customers who own their own equipment.


On location, exterior side awnings on both sides of the trailer are raised creating awnings, exposing the ready-to-operate self-serve VendaCarts” business.


New markets for “VendaCarts ” mobile automated stores are specialty events, manufacturing locations, construction/building sites, University settings, sports and entertainment facilities disaster relief areas and military installations providing an untapped reservoir of customers and sales for vended products.


For more information:

Please call: 251-786-5852


What’s Next In Marketing your New Business Idea?

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By , July 12, 2013 3:26 pm

The world is waiting for new experiential marketing concepts for your new business idea.

Can you imagine how the excitement surrounding the robotic capabilities are?


                     Carts Blanche’s, VendaPromotions is the latest concept for promotion of your marketing needs along with multiple advertising opportunities with our rolling billboard promotion.


This  reconfigurable design allows for customization and branding that can be applied to a multitude of marketing campaigns.   VendaPromotions mobile automation redesigns the worlds of vending bringing robotic marketing  to new and exciting locations offering  an interactive  experience to targeted customer.  VendaPromotions marketing trailer allows the customer to engage and interact with brands and products through sensory experience of self-serve automation which is the latest concept in experimental marketing.


Venue Versatility

Sophisticated Curb Appeal

Interactive Marketing


Cute as this may be it isn’t the type of Robotic vending we are about.




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