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  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative part time or full-time business will find our new and exciting mobile automated retail store a great opportunity for specialty events, construction sites and manufacturing locations.
  • Veterans interested in starting a new business that is easy and fast to learn and which does not require a wide range of skills can get started within a short time frame.
  • Marketing/Promotional Companies who are looking for the latest concept for the marketing and promotion of products can engage audiences with new interactive robotic machines. VendaPromotions is the solution for experiential marketing and branding campaigns.
  • Construction Companies can add VendaWorks to their locations for the catering of workers. Automated machines deliver food and beverage products faster than traditional catering trucks. The automated machines can also vend tools, supplies and equipment need at jobsites.
  • Vending Operators can expand their existing routes through work site installations at building/construction sites and shut downs with our units.
  • Active Retirees interested in making a living while traveling to specialty events of interest will enjoy the ease of operating our kiosks and the profits earned.
  • Corporations can utilize the VendaCarts vehicle in their marketing and branding promotions campaign for new product launches and media exposure in non-traditional locations.
  • Commercial food service providers looking to broaden industry demographics by creating satellite venues on university campuses, sport/ entertainment facilities, parks/ resorts. VendaCarts offers on-the-go service to their customers.
  • Catering companies who supply food in the hospitality industry, job sites and outdoor events can now offer a wider selection of foods and beverages by using our mobile food catering kiosk.
  • Persons with Disabilities are excellent candidates for the VendaCarts kiosk because of the adaptability; flexible hours, automated operation and easy maintenance.




Carts Blanche, LLC, 352 Cottage Hill Rd., Suite B, St., Mobile, AL 36606   01 251-786-5852 www.cartsblanche.com

Revolutionizing The Vending Industry

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                 Carts Blanche, LLC

Revolutionizing the Vending Industry

Moving Beyond the Bricks and Mortar and Extending the Playing Field


Carts Blanche, LLC understands the need for revolutionary ideas! The vending, concession and catering industries are primed for new innovations that maximize sales, elevate pricing and create new venues.


 “VendaCarts” is an innovatively smart and technologically driven Mobile Vending Store.  The kiosks design integrates five industries under one roof, (banking–ATM’s and credit transactions, vending-automated, advertising-mobile billboards and digital signage, kiosk-mobility and technology– network and Wi-Fi enabled), creating up to 23 distinct revenue generating streams of income with operations being performed by a single person.


Once on location both sides of the trailer are raised to create awnings, exposing the ready to operate self-serve food and beverage vending business. The automated machines create a quick way to deliver food to more customers in a shorter timeframe. The pre-packaged foods and beverages insure healthier and safer products for the customer.


“VendaCarts” a self-serve multi-function mobile kiosk, is custom designed as a plug and play system. Carts Blanches service consultants assist in the selection of vending machines, ATM’s, digital / LCD signage, microwaves, change machines, condiment stands and technological solutions. The interchangeability allows the customer an opportunity to BRAND his or her own business.


Carts Blanche LLC “VendaCarts” offers a comprehensive business design solution without the expense and delays of customization. The integration of mobility and automated machines moves vending from the traditional bricks-and-mortar into new markets while offering opportunities to expand venue space promote products and increase profit margins. The kiosks will also be sold empty for customers who own their own equipment.





Carts Blanche, LLC, 352 Cottage Hill Rd., Suite B, Mobile, AL 36606   01 251-786-5852 www.cartsblanche.com


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