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Category Management Defines Your Successful Vending Operation

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By , June 27, 2016 1:10 pm

How many times are we influenced more by price or enticed by special offers when it comes to purchasing our vending operation inventory?  Is this the best way to purchase product for your vending machines?  No, because a good management procedure begins with knowing what sells.

What is Category Management?


Category management is a proven merchandising system that maximizes product sales from vending machines.  It will increase sales and profits by providing your customers with the product they want, when they want them:

  • Offer top selling products in every machine, every day.
  • Maximum product variety through a broad representation of product and with menu rotation.

Category management increases your bottom line:  Meet more consumers demand

Increased Sales from Better Merchandising

  • Full category representation meets more consumer demand.
  • The use of top-selling products increases sales per spiral.
  • Increased machine sales results in substantially increased total snack profits.

Reduced Inventory Investment

  • Menu-based purchasing reduces the inventory and handling costs of additional, unnecessary SKU’s.
  • Purchasing efficiency increases dramatically.
  • Order levels are more closely matched to sales, allowing reduced total inventory investment.

Improved Route and Warehouse Efficiency

  • Route merchandising and product selection is simpler and more efficient.
  • Warehouse order placement and product handling functions are much easier.
  • Fewer SKU’s and lower inventory levels result in substantial reduction in warehouse labor.

3. Category management is easy to implement, but requires changes in your merchandising system – and organizational commitment to making it work!!

Remember these changes and improvements can only help your vending business grow.




Mobile Vending Business by Carts Blanche Offers New Location

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By , June 24, 2016 9:47 am

Like so many in the vending industry, you want new venues and locations for your vending business to grow.

Carts Blanche, mobile vending trailers can be the solution you’re looking for.

You’re now ready to take your vending business mobile.

When considering purchasing a VendaCarts, mobile vending trailer, think of the 18′ for your new business platform.

VendaCarts 18′ trailer holds up to 6 vending machines but you can start out with 413445624_1716127828655317_8014443030956035313_n

and use the inside for storage.  With 4 vending machines, 2 on each side, you have the

opportunity to test the market.

Carts Blanche offers removable panels that can be easily unscrewed when the time comes for the addition of 2 more vending machines.

Entrepreneur and Veteran, Kris Ford, has began his vending business part time with Carts Blanche, 18′ VendaCarts.

Kris Ford, owner of Vending 2 You, LLC in Johnstown, Co has utilized the panel for the perfect spot to advertise. Inside the trailer is plenty of storage space for tent, folding chairs, extra product.  When the time comes and Kris wants to add more vending equipment it’s ready.


Check out Kris’s Facebook page

Signage of Vending 2 You Trailer

Let VendaCarts Cool Your Vending Operation Off

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By , June 20, 2016 11:26 am

Happy First Day of Summer

101201 first day of summer

Let VendaCarts cool your vending operation off.

With custom made awnings, lift up doors, not only protects your vending equipment from the elements but keeps

shade on your customers.  Keep them cooler with VendaCarts awnings approx. 8 feet of shade.


Easy as 1, 2, 3 – Life Up Awnings


Happy customers are cool customers and they like to hang around longer.


VendaCarts Redefines Self-Serve Retail

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By , June 20, 2016 9:48 am

Carts Blanche’s small business platform,

for vending operators, meets the demand of the modern customer and redefines the self-serve retail marketplace.


VendaCarts appeals to forward thinking companies and individuals looking for a competitive edge as well as to those entering the automated retail sales business for the first time.

Mobile retail real-estate is a cost effective small business solution which opens new frontiers that are significant in expanding our customer’s competitive edge.


VendaCarts Refines the Self-Serve Retail Marketplace

The combination of retail demand, consumer adoption, core competencies and opportunities for innovation all point to VendaCarts as being a sustainable platform for future business opportunities.

Consider the benefits: 24/7 operation, unattended sales, venue versatility, mobile real-estate, vending machine interchangeability, large captive consumer base, management technology and immediate return on investment.

Call today:  251-680-7979

Visit our Website:  https://www.cartsblanche.com


Carts Blanche Has Vending Machines on Wheels

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By , June 17, 2016 9:54 am

Do you know what would be a great idea to increase revenue for your vending operator?

Vending machines on wheels, why hasn’t anyone thought of this great idea?


No, this won’t fill the need.  For more versatility, easy access and mobility this is what works.  Carts Blanche has made vending mobile.


VendaCarts, Mobile Automated Retail Stores, Mobile C-Store, Pop-Up Café, Industrial Storeroom

all in one package.  VendaCarts comes in 2 sizes  18′ holds up to 6 vending machines and our 28′ which holds up to 10 vending machines.

Visit our Website https://cartsblanche.com

Contact Carts Blanche – 251-786-5852, via email  info@cartsblanche.com

USA Technologies Has Good News Vending Operators

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By , June 17, 2016 9:38 am

usat_applepay.5762d96c66c43 (1)

Vending perators and the vending industry should be jumping up for joy with the recent news from USA Technologies.  Results show that Apple Pay acceptance does increase mobile payments usage making, increases revenue for the Vending industry. Small operators and large will benefit from Apple Pay.

MALVERN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– USA Technologies, Inc., a payment technology provider of cashless and mobile transactions in self-serve retail, today announced the results of a study testing whether targeted point-of-sale advertising of Apple Pay acceptance would increase usage of mobile payments by consumers. According to early results, USAT believes that smartphone users shown digital advertising at point-of-sale through the ePort Interactive platform are more apt to pull out their iPhone to make a purchase, and even spend more during the transaction.

Initial findings by USAT show targeted, digital advertising on USAT’s ePort Interactive highlighting Apple Pay availability at point- of-sale resulted in a:

  • 26% increase in overall transactions;
  • 22% increase in total revenue;
  • 12% increase in total average ticket; and
  • 89% increase in revenue through contactless purchases, including Apple Pay

USA Technologies began implementing NFC technology into its cashless payments solution approximately 10 years ago and by January 2015, was able to provide Apple Pay users with 200,000 places to use their wallets shortly after Apple Pay launched in October 2014. As of June 1, 2016, USAT now provides consumers with the option to make payments using their mobile wallet including Apple Pay at more than 300,000 NFC-equipped machines nationwide, such as vending, single-serve coffee, laundry and parking pay machines. As part of the study initiated in March 2016, USAT rolled out digital advertising through its ePort Interactive platform and digital touch-screen cashless device focusing on Apple Pay on 35 select machines in specific urban locations with a high density of iPhone users. Check out VendingMarketwatch for the rest of the story.


Eat Fit Food Delivers Hot Meals from Vending Machines

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By , June 15, 2016 3:07 pm


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/_yIo0fMSXsc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Long nights spent at the office eating chocolate bars and chips from the local convenience store for dinner would be a thing of the past if one small business owner had her way.

Bianca Monley — a passionate foodie, health educator and founder of healthy food home delivery business Eat Fit Food — is set to launch vending machines into corporate workplaces that dispense fresh, piping hot meals within 80 seconds.

She says expanding her business, which delivers 2000 meals a week in Sydney, 1000 in Melbourne and will soon launch in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, to workplaces simply made sense from a business and wellbeing perspective.


“You think of all the people working long hours and late nights and often people are not even getting up and leaving their desks these days,” she told The Huffington Post Australia.

“So instead of making it problematic for them to think about what they will eat, why couldn’t we put healthy food vending machines in the office block where they can get up from their desk and choose a meal from the machine.”

Monley said the vending machine meals, which will cost around $10, will all be fresh — nothing will be frozen — and include chicken coq au vin, a Mexican chicken lasagne and beef bourguignon.

Poor diet and lack of exercise are major contributors to Australia’s obesity problem. In 2014-2015, it was found that 63.4 percent of Australian adults were overweight or obese.

Monley began Eat Fit Food 14 years ago after watching her then clients in the fitness industry fail at their own wellbeing because of fad diets and inconsistent exercise. She says the corporate lifestyle is a culprit for developing poor eating habits.


Vending Industry Revenue Up – Technology to Thank

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By , June 15, 2016 1:59 pm

Vimeo-MediaVend1-540x303State Of The Vending Industry Preview: It’s Up


Technology is a must have

Industry revenues have gone up again this year, which is great news…for most. Probably the most significant change for operators across the nation was the adoption of technology. That is a big word that covers a lot of items from hardware to cloud-based services. There are three technologies that are truly changing the face of vending: micro markets, vending management systems and cashless payment acceptors.

We are starting to adjust the State of the Vending Industry Report to reflect these strong areas of the industry. You will see an entire section broken out just for micro markets and what our readers are telling us about their micro market business. Plus, we are working to delve deeper into the technology aspect, asking about VMS and what types of technologies are most important to an operation’s bottom line.

Something that struck me this year was that when I compared operators that reported increased revenues to those that reported decreased revenues, the use of and investment in technology was startlingly different. Technology appears to make a big difference in those growing revenues.

Carts Blanche’s Small Biz Revolution

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By , June 13, 2016 2:16 pm

Join Carts Blanche’s Small Biz Revolution

Radical innovative business opportunities for forward thinking entrepreneurs.



  • Every year, nearly one million people decide to start a business.
  • Are you considering starting your own business? Take a leap of faith and begin today on your life changing adventure to secure your future dreams.


  • Entrepreneurs show energy, drive and passion they are the backbone of America’s economy, their passionate values built America and still drives millions of our local businesses today.
  • Carts Blanche offers a compelling business platform, in a fast turn – high volume growing industry of retail.
  • Carts Blanche turn-key business “VendaCarts” mobile automated real estate, rolls new ways to customize and deliver consumer products to the masses where they work, live and play.

Call today 251 – 786-5852  or email  info@cartsblanche.com

Check out our website https://www.cartsblanche.com

Strategy for Vending Operators Category Management

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By , June 13, 2016 12:51 pm

Why wouldn’t strategy used in convenience store marketing apply to vending operators? It could and it does. Product is product whether it goes on a shelf or behind glass in your vending machine.  Become aware of what’s available to you to help grow your vending business.  Convenience Store News, If you don’t already subscribe to their site you need to start today.  They keep their industry informed and inspired.

Carts Blanche will do a weeklong focus on category management in social media – Keep in Touch.

SSO-APR 2016This is a short clip from their recent Single Store Owner issue.

Lay the Foundations of Category Management

Once done, you can get insights to help you make more profitable decisions.

March 30, 2016, 02:14 pm By Sue Nicholls, Category Management Knowledge Group


Managing your convenience store should not be about bringing in new items because you negotiated a hot price on them, or bringing in extra inventory to get that special offer from a supplier, or blindly hoping the choices you are making are the best for your store (but with no strategic information to help back up your decisions).

The opportunity? Move to a more strategic and fact-based approach that focuses on your shopper, which creates foundations for your store that will help you manage your categories using a consistent approach. That will help you to build sales and profit for your store(s). And who doesn’t want that?

By implementing the foundations of category management (catman) in your store, you can achieve all of these opportunities. It’s not a difficult thing to do — you just need to change your perspective and be open to moving to a new way of managing your business.


Do you buy product based on price?

Do you always take advantages of dealers promotional items?

If so, does it always pay off?

What is your go to method of knowing what to order?

Wishing you a very prosperous vending day.  Kathy


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