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Bike Fixtation Converts Vending Machines into High Security Emergency Bike Shops

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By , April 29, 2015 10:32 am



  Bike Fixtation turning to vending machines to offer cyclist high security

pop up bike shops.

What’s In It: Tubes, hand warmers, patch kits, action wipes, local trail maps, spoke-repair kits, snacks, drinks, and more

Good to Know: Since 2011, Bike Fixtation has sold 50 to 60 of these vending machines throughout North America, and is sending machines to Chile, Israel, Romania, Guatemala, and other countries. Most can be found in bike shops, apartment buildings, private offices, and on college campuses.
Andy Lambert, sales and marketing manager, says the difference between Bike Fixtations and those converted from candy-type machines, is the impenetrable level of security.

Vermont’s Bill Would Place Vending Machine Sales Under The State’s 9% Meals Tax

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By , April 29, 2015 9:46 am

 Vending MarketWatch reports unsettling news for vending machine operators in Vermont. 


This will be just the first of many states trying to balance their state budget by increasing sales tax and finding new tax opportunities.

Vermont’s Senate Finance Committee is looking to overhaul the state’s tax system to close a large budget gap, and that includes making changes to how vending machine sales are taxed. WPTZ reports that beginning in July vending machine sales could be subject to the state’s 9 percent meals tax if H.489 passes.

A public hearing on the tax drew a crowd on Monday, according to the source, including industry member Brent Farrell of Vitality Vending located in Essex Junction, VT. “I absolutely oppose this bill and the way it is written,” Farrell told VendingMarketWatch. “I appreciate the challenge of the state needing to close the budget gap, but it’s targeting vending unfairly.” He continued, “I can live with a tax on products across all retail segments because then the price would go up everywhere, but right now they are taxing the method of purchase, not the product.”

The proposed tax comes on top of a sugar sweetened beverage tax that was introduced earlier this year. In April Vermont’s House Ways and Means Committee approved a tax package that includes a half-cent per ounce tax on sweetened beverages.thVS7KM77V

The committee’s proposal comes from its need to raise $35 million in new revenue to close a $118 million budget gap this year, WPTZ reports.


Vending Machine Operators has a Chance for Change

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By , April 27, 2015 12:36 pm

This is a tidbit from Vending Market Watch,  Millennial are setting the pace

for snacking that will affect vending machine operators. Sales have increased over

the past years and with good planning your profits can soar.  Keep alert for what

they want, snacking is the number one increase in product that can keep you in the black.


Don’t forget top-sellers
Amidst the ongoing snacking trend changes, it’s important that operators not lose focus of their top-selling products. Last year Automatic Merchandiser magazine reported projected sales of candy, snack and confections sales in vending totaled $5.6 billion, a more than 7 percent increase from the prior year. In fact, candy and snack sales have increased each year since 2010. Best-sellers are consistent and are oftentimes brands that Millennials grew up with. Operators should be sure they are offering old favorites for when the craving for a sugary snack comes along.



Vending Machine Operators – Get Ready – Millennial Snacking is Here

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By , April 27, 2015 12:20 pm


The vending industry needs to be ready to meet the demands of the Millennial with money in their pocket

and a craving for snacks.  Vending machines need to be packed with what they want to eat,

change your product around so you can see what they want to snack on.


April 13, 2015

The New Majority: Millennials Drive Snacking Trends

Millennials are moving in and Baby Boomers are moving out. In 2015, Millennials—ages 19 to 36—will be the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, the new majority. Online workplace Elance-oDesk & Gen Y consulting firm Millennial Branding found that Millennials’ advantages in the workforce over prior generations include the ability to adapt, come up with fresh ideas and keep up to date on emerging technology. But that’s not allLogo

They are also driving snacking trends both in and out of the office. Research shows that Millennials are driving the trend toward more frequent and healthier snacking. They are more likely to seek out food products fortified with calcium, fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. Their tastes include everything from yogurt to fresh fruit to nutrition bars. Millennials are also most likely to snack in-between meals or use snacks as meal replacements altogether.

The result of healthier and increased snacking by the largest generation in the workforce gives vending and micro market operators the opportunity to drive repeat business back to the break room throughout the day.

Offer desirable snacks
Culinary Visions, a food-focused insight and trend forecasting practice, found that Millennial consumers do not care as much about defining an eating experience as a meal or snack as they do about satisfying their need to eat what they want, when and where they choose to eat it. The firm also found that more Millennials consume two to four snacks per day.

Operators can cater to Millennials’ changing snacking trends by including products that are innovative, convenient and healthy into their planogram.



Multi-Max Vending Machine for K-Cup Coffee

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By , April 22, 2015 12:15 pm


 I just discovered a new company to us. Multi-Max  http://www.multi-max.com/system/

The perk to their system Multi-max vending machine can vend K-Cup coffee.

The patented “cartridge load system” is the next step in pre-kitting.



Pre-kitting has emerged as the most effective model for cutting cost and

boosting profitabiltiy in the vending industry.


Multi-max® has taken pre-kitting a step further.



Carts Blanche’s mobile pop up coffee shop “VendaCarts” welcomes Multi-Max and just imagine how well this

goes with our product.

Multi-max can cut out the need for two machines, vend cold drinks, hot drinks and snacks and food all in one.1111

VENDSCREEN – Announced new Touchscreen Support for Vending Machines

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By , April 22, 2015 11:25 am

vendscreen-new-logo_11446844Vendscreen unveils even more features for vending industry operators making vending machine refunds easier, cost savings and convenient.

Portland, Ore., April 20, 2015 – VendScreen, the industry’s leading manufacturer of retrofit touchscreen devices, announced that their touchscreens now support manual credit codes and student pin code programs on vending machines. These programs further differentiate the touchscreen experience from other cashless systems. The simple, over-the-air upgrade occurs seamlessly to current customers with VendScreen touchscreens.

Manual Credit Codes allow operators to provide customers with refunds in the form of a free vend to offset non-vended products or customer issues. Refunding money to customers often costs 10 to 15x the actual cost of the item. Credit codes save the hassle of mailing funds to customers or keeping cash on hand, and also improve the customer experience. Instant credit codes have already been used successfully by many operators to provide refunds while the customer is at the machine. Manual credit codes allow operators additional levels of control over refund dispersal.

VendScreen touchscreens now support established student pin code programs, such as NUTRIKIDS and MySchoolBucks. This allows students to access a stored value account via pin code to dispense vending machine items. The program is part of the POS payment program in K-12 schools, and provides another way for VendScreen operators to differentiate their offering to site locations and the end consumer.  “I approached VendScreen with the idea to tie the current cafeteria POS pin system in with vending to create a unified Campus solution, which will ultimately increase vending sales”, says Michael Cascione, Jr., Executive Operations Manager of CC Vending, Inc. “They have worked with me to make it happen quickly and efficiently. The beauty of over the air updates with VendScreen means I can satisfy my customer’s request to enable student pin codes with no additional hardware requirements.”

Additional updates include a new user interface that provides more choices for customers, and updates to the NAMA FitPick parameters based on the latest standards.http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/news/12066620/vendscreen-unveils-even-more-features-for-industry-leading-touchscreens?utm_sourcesite_logo

Savvy Mom of 3 Introduces New Vending Machine Concept “Baby Station”

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By , April 17, 2015 1:41 pm

Baby Stations, Baby Care on the Go – Aussie’s Newest Vending Machine Concept. slide-1 Baby Station the vending machine that provides trusted baby care products when and where parents need them. Director, Rachel McGrath, thought of the concept when she was waiting with her young baby in a hospital emergency department. “Being an emergency, I had raced out the door with the bare minimum. I soon realised I needed nappies, a dummy, wipes, baby food, and something to keep my older child occupied. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, it was in this case!”

baby-station   Baby Station! Baby care on the go! gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to do what you need to do. Whether it’s enjoying that extra cup of coffee while you are out, exploring something new with your child and family or just getting some of those everyday routine tasks completed.   The first Baby Station kiosks were recently launched in Melbourne, including one at the iconic Chadstone Shopping Centre. Items stocked include: – essential items such as nappies, dummies, wipes, bibs, rattles, formula powder, bottles – healthy, gluten free snacks and drinks. – novelty items such as small toys and colouring sets for older children Prices range from $1.50 to $10

ABOUT RACHEL MCGRATH     baby-station-2

I’m a busy mum with three active little boys, a husband, a demanding cat, a messy house and a part-time job. When I am on the go with my children, my nappy bag becomes my survival kit. Sometimes despite my best efforts to be a well-organised, uber-prepared super-mum (!), I forget the essentials or simply don’t pack enough. Too many times, an outing has been sabotaged by a lost dummy, a nappy explosion or a hungry baby. Suddenly, the whole focus of the outing changes – family fun and relaxation turn into chaos and stress. It was after one such event that I realised that there had to be an easier way.

That’s why I created Baby Station – Australia’s first and only vending service for baby essentials. Baby Station is all about providing baby care on the go! The brands you will see are the ones I have used for my own children.

Drop by Babystation and meet Rachel. http://www.babystation.com.au/about/

U-Select-It Announces New Greenlite Solution Platform for Vending Machines

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By , April 15, 2015 1:47 pm

U-Select-It, the industry’s foremost manufacturer of full-line vending machine solutions, today announced that its new Greenlite Solution will be offered on its new vending platforms. This turnkey package not only provides operators with state-of-the-art card and mobile payment acceptance but also includes remote monitoring and management tools to help reduce the cost of servicing machines while increasing margins. GreenLitelogo Greenlite is powered by Cantaloupe Systems, the industry’s premier provider of integrated cloud-based, mobile technologies for vending. Cashless and mobile payment capability is becoming a must have for smart operators retailing to younger and more tech savvy customers who are carrying less or no cash. They recognize the sales lift associated with taking “what they have in their pocket” as well as the higher margins they can obtain by providing premium products at higher prices. imagesSA3HCJWLThe Greenlite solution incorporates the latest in credit/debit card acceptance as well as mobile payment acceptance of the major card brands including new SoftCard Mobile Wallet® and Apple Pay systems.  But unlike other systems, the value of Greenlite is expanded beyond just being able to process payments. Greenlite also incorporates many of Cantaloupe Systems’ state-of-the-art cloud-based management tools including machine sales reporting; integrated cash and cashless reporting; as well as alerts for machine hardware health, DEX issues, and pricing issues. While the standard Greenlite option alone will make any vending operation more efficient and realize real savings, the optional Greenlite Data add-on extends those efficiencies and savings even further. Greenlite Data provides operators with the ability to expand and enhance their business with management tools for product planogramming, product database management, scheduling and pre-pick functions and more – all available remotely from any web browser allowing an operator to keep their finger on the pulse of their business 24/7. When vending machine operators can reduce bookwork, cash handling and windshield time, they are reducing their overall business costs and can reallocate those funds where it counts.  This is what makes Greenlite such a valuable addition to their future business strategies. To find out more about Greenlite visit www.uselectit.com/greenlite/  or visit www.greenlitevending.com. Ask your U-Select-It distributor about equipping your next new purchase with Greenlite today.

Do You See Your Favorite Snacks in Vending Machines?

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By , April 15, 2015 1:21 pm

It is up to us to let our vending operators know what we want in the vending machines and when they have made the effort to comply then spread the word.  Fresh Fruit – can be vended.



Research data suggests that today’s consumers rarely follow the approach of three balanced meals, making “snacks the new black,” said Grotto. These new eating behaviors combined with a current focus on healthand wellness has catapulted the role of snacks way beyond “meal bridgers.” Consumer demand is growing for snacks that deliver physical, emotional, social and cultural benefits.



Popular, cost efficient and good for you but why is it,

you can rarely find them for snacking in vending.

Strawberries once packaged correctly can last up to

7 days in a refrigerator.  We need to ask our route

driver who manages and stocks the vending equipment

in our offices to consider stocking more fresh fruit.


Sneak Peak on “The Snacking Story”

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By , April 13, 2015 1:51 pm

CHICAGO – April 9, 2015 – Nutrition expert and bestselling author David Grotto, MS, RDN, LDN, will present a sneak preview of breakthrough research on the snacking story at the OneShow Wednesday, April 22 at 11:30 a.m. at the Las Vegas Convention Center.David_Grotto_Headshot_5527eb82a16a6

“Understanding new dimensions of snacking is an important component of being able to meet the needs of today’s consumers, most importantly millennials.  We are delighted David is participating and recognize the significant value of the material he will present,” said Roni Moore, NAMA’s vice president of marketing and public relations.

Grotto’s session, The Snacking Story: Trends and Solutions for Vending and Refreshment Services, will explore how product innovation, merchandising and marketing should be aligned with modern eating realities to meet consumer demand for better-for-you snack offerings.

Research data suggests that today’s consumers rarely follow the approach of three balanced meals, making “snacks the new black,” said Grotto. These new eating behaviors combined with a current focus on healthand wellness has catapulted the role of snacks way beyond “meal bridgers.” Consumer demand is growing for snacks that deliver physical, emotional, social and cultural benefits.


In his presentation, Grotto will share how the refreshment services industry can leverage this new snack trend information to meet the growing needs of today’s consumer.

David Grotto is the Senior Nutrition Marketing Business Partner for the Kellogg’s Specialty Channels Division, where he provides nutrition solution guidance for K-12, colleges, travel, military, vending, convenience and food service. In addition to his work with Kellogg’s, Grotto is a bestselling author of three books including his latest, Best Things You Can Eat. He is also a freelance writer and serves as an advisor to Fitness magazine. Prior to his work with Kellogg’s, Grotto hosted a live radio show on health and nutrition for 10 years, as well as a local television show. He also served as a media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Grotto has more than 25 years of experience in the nutrition and wellness arena. He is a registered dietician and holds a Master’s in nutrition and wellness from Benedictine University.


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