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Carts Blanche Holiday Wishes

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By , December 23, 2014 11:21 am

Carts Blanche wishes you, your employees and families and very Merry Christmas.

Annette, Kathy and Kip



Is MDB and DEX the Same in the Vending World?

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By , December 19, 2014 12:29 pm


DEX Digital Exchange

Two of the most oft-mentioned and misunderstood technologies in our vending industry are MDB (multi-drop bus) and DEX (digital exchange).  The only correlation between DEX and MDB is that they are two separate and distinct technologies that happen to reside in modern day vending machines.




Congratulations! Robotics Retail Vending Solution

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By , December 10, 2014 2:54 pm

Greater Des Monies Community Foundation awarded Robotics Retail a grant.


First place prize of $30,000 was awarded to Robotics Retail. By placing small robotic vending-machine-style retail outlets that accept SNAP benefits, as well as other payment methods, Robotics Retail would distribute fresh produce at reasonable prices in areas of Des Moines identified as food deserts and be a first-in-the-nation model.

pro   To offer fresh product from robotic vending machines, at a reasonable price to food deserts.

We applaud Robotics Retail, Carts Blanche has featured our

VendaMarts Trailer as a mobile grocery store.

In the world of “VendaMarts”, mobile automated store, produce is selected and packaged to fit into the vending machines. Have you ever considered the idea of vending healthy foods? Do you believe it is possible? Be our guest in learning about the world of “Mobile Automated Vending”.

images0T356QYRWhile First Lady Michelle Obama has enacted an ambitious national goal of solving the challenge of childhood obesity in a generation through delivering healthy foods to food deserts (food desert is an area in the industrial world where healthy, affordable food is hard to obtain. Food deserts are prevelant in rural as well as urban areas and are most prevelant in low-socioeconomic minority communities).

Carts Blanche, LLC is answering the call to distribute healthy nutritional products into the food desert areas to promote healthy eating choices as well as designing business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

What is the latest trends in healthy living and the delivery of nutritional products to your communities in need.

httptps://twitter.com/EatGreaterDM        http://www.eatgreaterdesmoines.org/


Healthy Eating and Kids – Do They Mix?

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By , December 10, 2014 12:29 pm


Technomic Recent Study – Healthy Is IN

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By , December 10, 2014 12:20 pm

Consumers Increasingly Want to Know What’s

in Their Food, Reveals New Technomic Study

CHICAGO, December 10, 2014, PRNewswire —Today’s healthy food tells a story, and consumers want to hear it. Recent research by Technomic shows that most consumers want restaurants to be more transparent about menu-item ingredients. Further, two in five consumers cite a rising concern over food additives.

Because of this growing concern, health claims that convey wholesome, pure ingredients resonate strongly. For example, consumers say fresh, natural or unprocessed attributes help improve perceived taste and health. Similarly, ingredients that naturally boost the nutrition content of an item, such as fruits and vegetables, also enhance taste and health perceptions.

“Menu transparency is imperative and can help drive sales of healthy options,” said Sara Monnette, Sr. Director, Consumer Insights & Innovation at Technomic Inc. “Telling an ingredient’s story – whether it’s farm-raised, local or GMO-free for instance, can directly impact consumer decisions about what to order and where to dine.”


To help foodservice executives understand the latest consumer behaviors, preferences and attitudes regarding healthy eating, Technomic has published an update of its Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report. Interesting findings include:

  • 62 percent of consumers believe restaurants can offer food that is both healthy and tasty.
  • Consumers are more likely to eat healthy in order to maintain a balanced or nutritious diet than to control their weight.
  • Consumers are most likely to buy healthy items at fast-casual and casual-dining concepts.
  • Roughly one in four Millennials expects to purchase gluten-free packaged items more often now that gluten-free retail foods cannot have a detectable level of gluten.

Check out https://www.technomic.com/Pressroom/Releases/dynRelease_Detail.php?rUID=341

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