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Will the Governments Newest Ruling Help Obesity?

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By , November 25, 2014 3:10 pm

News today on the FDA’s newest ruling to help fight obesity – Keeping us aware of the calories in all the food we buy.  Will this affect the consumers spending habits.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Julie Downs told Health24 last year that consumers might see a 550-calorie Big Mac alongside an 800-calorie meal recommendation, and then ‘maybe feel OK to go ahead and get a slightly bigger main dish, but at the same time still get the same side dish and drink they would normally get.’

‘And then all of a sudden they’re up over 1,100 calories for the meal. Each one item may seem OK, but it adds up.’

University of Alabama biostatistics professor Dr. David Allison, then president of the Obesity Society, told a court hearing a 2008 New York City menu labeling lawsuit that another avenue of backfire could be the ‘forbidden-fruit allure of high-calorie foods.’

DAMAGE CONTROL: McDonald's has experimented with food tray liners that play up its lower-calorie items, but hide the health cost of a Double Quarter Pounder

DAMAGE CONTROL: McDonald’s has experimented with food tray liners that play up its lower-calorie items, but hide the health cost of a Double Quarter Pounder

WAITING ON THE FDA: A final rule from the government could come any day now, and will likely bring menus like this McDonald's concept to every big chain restaurant in America

WAITING ON THE FDA: A final rule from the government could come any day now, and will likely bring menus like this McDonald’s concept to every big chain restaurant in America

He added that customers who heed the posted calorie warnings and walk away less full would be more likely to gorge themselves on calories later the same day. 

‘What harms (if any) might result …. is difficult to predict,’ he wrote. 

It’s also difficult to know what will happen when Burger King has to disclose calorie counts but individual mom-and-pop restaurants won’t. 

The debate over whether the idea works as intended – trimming America’s waistline by sending fewer calories out of restaurant kitchens – has been over for four years despite the murky scientific picture.

Frieden, then head of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, conceded to the New York Times in 2008 that  

By 2009 state laws modeled after New York City’s stretched from California to Maine and included nearly 20 county and city ordinances.

One of those laws was in Oregon, where government scientists found ‘small but meaningful reductions in calories bought’ 18 months later, ‘particularly among the 20 percent of patrons who see and use the labels.’

The National Restaurant Association, among Washington, D.C.’s more powerful lobbies, opted in 2010 to embrace a national law that would let its member companies work from a single playbook instead of a patchwork quilt.

But implementing the law is full of political maneuvering. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2848143/Obamacare-means-Americans-calorie-counts-menus-menu-boards-year-studies-dramatic-make-eat-MORE.html#ixzz3K7E98OJp
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Vending Machine Operators Meet New Regulations

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By , November 25, 2014 2:59 pm

Vending Machine Operators Meet New


F.D.A. to Require Calorie Count, Even for

Popcorn at the Movies

Vending machine owners lobbied to be excluded from the regulations, as did the convenience and grocery store associations. The F.D.A. is giving vending machine owners an extra year to comply with the labeling regulations. The agency is requiring that vending machine operators provide calorie counts on stickers or placards near the specific food being sold or the selection button for it.

The world’s largest convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, found itself in the middle of two competing trade groups. It belongs to the National Restaurant Association, which praised the new rules, and to the National Association of Convenience Stores, which has promised to challenge them.

The company, which has worked hard over the last several years to make more foods offering better nutrition available to its customers, decided to side with its restaurant brethren. “While these regulations will add a lot of complexity at our stores, we believe our customers want to know the information menu-labeling provides, and we will comply,” 7-Eleven said in a statement on Tuesday.

A 2008 study of 100 million cash register transactions at Starbucks found a 6 percent decrease in average calories purchased after calorie posting.

The New York Times published this article today, it will be interesting to see how fast obesity drops.

Good News for Coffee Lovers and Vending Industry

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By , November 20, 2014 4:08 pm

OCSUpdate_54452630c6969Drinking coffee reduces healthcare costs

For decades researchers have revealed many scientific pros of coffee consumption. Just this year, a Cornell University study found that coffee could help prevent deteriorating eyesight; a study published in the journal Diabetologia found that coffee drinkers who increased their coffee consumption by more than one cup per day had an 11 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes; and another published study found that a minor ingredient of coffee could protect against Alzheimer’s disease. And now, there is even more reason to support the drink. In a first-ever health economic analysis on coffee consumption, Xcenda found that coffee consumption is associated with an increase in life years and a reduction in healthcare costs.  Estimated savings
Xcenda’s research examines the effectiveness and value of health-affecting behaviors on a population, such as drinking coffee. The company reviewed the potential health economic impact of coffee consumption in the U.S. for healthcare payers over one year by estimating the healthcare cost savings of coffee consumption associated with prevention of chronic disease. Of the diseases included in the analyses, the effect on diabetes prevention was the most impactful.



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