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VendScreen Connects Older Vending Machines to The Future of Vending

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By , April 30, 2014 12:10 pm



The first vending machine retrofit device to combine cashless payments and nutrition label disclosure in a single–award-winning–device. The Revolution connects to the VendScreen Platform wirelessly over 3G to process transactions, download software updates and automatically synchronize nutritional information with VMS planograms.

An innovative retrofit device that brings existing machines into the digital age.

VendScreen Revolution is a retrofit Android-based computing device with a touchscreen that can be installed into any one of the millions of existing vending machines in the field. The device operates on the standard MDB interface and fits into the standard card reader slot available on many machines (and can be surface mounted on machines that don’t have the card reader slot.)

Using data provided by the VendScreen, operators can improve the efficiencies of their routes. VendScreen Revolution brings telemetry to the mass-operator market. Currently, less than 5% of all vending machines are connected. This is due in part to the high cost of establishing that connection and maintaining it for single purposes. VendScreen Revolution connects machines in a manner that makes practical sense – leveraging the connection for multiple purposes. This will save the industry money and time.

VendScreen Revolution provides information to people with dietary restrictions and requirements – people who may not have used the vending machine otherwise. By catering to this segment of the consumers, we’re able to increase sales. In addition, we provide various payment options. While Gen X and Gen Y consumers are becoming increasingly cashless, vending machines have not kept pace and we have limited ability to sell to our best customers.



Business Ideas for Foodies – Food Truck Future

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By , April 30, 2014 11:49 am
Business ideas for foodies, and for good reason, food truck has a bright future: a December 2012 study by Intuit and Emergent Research predicted that revenue from the food truck industry will reach $2.7 billion by 2017. A truck is a much less expensive investment than a brick-and-mortar restaurant and, according to Mobi Munch founder Josh Tang, the failure rate for food trucks is just 10 to 20 percent (as opposed to 60 to 90 percent for restaurants). With the right equipment and some great recipes, you can have your mobile eatery up and running in no time.Credit: Food Truck Image via Shutterstock


Carts Blanche, LLC ” VendaCarts ” Mobile Pop Up Café can serve the same folks but faster offering up to 9 self serve lines.

Less expensive investment than a brick-and-mortar restaurant and a faster turnaround on investment dollars.


“Future of Retail” Opens Many New Business Opportunitites in Retail Vending

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By , April 30, 2014 11:05 am

Business opportunities in the retail vending industry is revolutionized by technology driven platforms as mobile and social technology takes over purchase power.

Picture someone standing in an aisle of a store looking at their phone. Where are they in their shopping journey? Can you tell? Are they doing research, checking prices, sharing an image through social media or getting ready to buy from a competitor? Are they looking for customer service or are they trying to avoid it?702e3861ae997e0ac171c1ade455b906

Mobile and social has led to a revolution in retail. Over the previous three issues of our annual Future of Retail report, we’ve witnessed how these technology drivers have caused seismic shifts in customer behavior. It seems to have disrupted the purchase path so much so that it’s nearly impossible to tell whether that shopper standing in that store is there to buy or showroom and where they might go next.

What has become clear from our research for this report is that there is real opportunity for both retailers and brands to take advantage of the new landscape that has emerged from the impact of mobile and social by ensuring that they’re available to shoppers where and when that purchase moment strikes.

Alongside traditional systems, new Data-Driven Commerce Platforms (DDCPs) are emerging as strategic tools that companies can use to dynamically react to shoppers as they journey along the Networked Purchase Path.

Being data-ready means that a retailer and brand can begin to work out where that shopper in the aisle is on their customer journey, where they’ve been and where they need to go next to make that purchase.

PSFK’s Future of Retail 2014 report is our most instructive survey to date and I trust that the findings are inspirational, employable and empowering. You’ll learn when to offer the price discount when the shopper needs that nudge, provide access to a community when the shopper needs some independent advice, access knowledgeable staff when they need the support, and deliver the right service to close the sale.

No Surprise Chocolate is Still a Favorite in Vending Machines

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By , April 23, 2014 2:08 pm

Are you a Chocolate Lover?  Looks like the rest of the world is also, everyone is running to the trusty vending machine for their chocolate fix.


New products are the variety consumers crave. Variety in foodservice generates sales. That’s why every year, Automatic Merchandiser and VendingMarketWatch.com ask readers to vote for their best-selling new products from the prior year. As one might expect many of the winners are consistent with trends seen in other retail segments.



Chocolate spans three categories

Chocolate proved to be a big winner this year due to its mass appeal. Lucintel reported that 73.9 percent of the U.S. population enjoyed eating chocolate in 2013. It is unsurprising then that three of the six new product winners included chocolate — M&M’s® Chocolate Bar, Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Dreamies™ and Basil’s Chocolate Chip Mini Bites. Consumers love their chocolate, but they are also trying to eat healthier. untitledcccHerr’s® Good Natured Selects Baked Multi-Grain Crisps Cheddar Cheese, the winner of the salted snack category, meets this demand for “better for you” products. Drinks also fit well into consumer trends. Coca-Cola’s Honest® Unsweet Lemon Tea won in the cold beverage category — a testament to the increasing demand for ready-to-drink tea. Consumers are also showing a preference for gourmet coffee, with one third of coffee drinking adults enjoying at least one per day, according to the National Coffee Association. The winner in hot beverage, J.M. Smuckers Folgers® Cappuccino Fall Flavors, meets this trending consumer demand.

Two new categories were introduced to this year’s contest — equipment and technology. With more than 58 percent of American adults owning smartphones, according to the Pew Research Internet Project, and more companies incorporating digital signage into their machines, technology and equipment are becoming increasingly relevant, making them two obvious choices for category additions. The Newco’s Fresh Cup 3, winner of the equipment category, is a great example of new equipment that meets several consumer demands related to gourmet coffee. With the newness of mobile technology in vending, it was an unexpected win for Vend Central’s Mobile Request 1, a mobile app for consumers, in the category of technology.

AdvancePierre Vending Machine Selections Still Reigns as Winner

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By , April 23, 2014 1:59 pm

thAdvancePierre Foods has been crowned a winner, for new product selections in vending machines.

The BIG AZ Cheeseburger was always popular with consumers, and now its latest extension, the AdvancePierre Foods’ BIG AZ BaconAddict® Cheeseburger, has been crowned a new product of the year winner in the food category.

AdvancePierre Foods Launches Big Az BaconAddict Cheeseburger – See more at: http://www.advancepierre.com/Blog/News/Archives/2013/04/AdvancePierre-Foods-Launches-Big-Az-BaconAddict-Cheeseburger.aspx#sthash.kgxViSnS.dpuf


ccThe AdvancePierre Foods’ BIG AZ BaconAddict® Cheeseburger, winner of the food category, was launched at the 2013 NAMA OneShow and began shipping one month later. As a line extension of the BIG AZ brand sandwiches, the BIG AZ BaconAddict Cheeseburger is set to satisfy bacon-loving consumers. “At AdvancePierre, we monitor food and flavor trends constantly, making sure to keep our offerings up to date with current trends,” said Nancy Todys, senior director of convenience marketing at AdvancePierre. “Bacon on sandwiches is hot and growing. When we decided to add a bacon cheeseburger to our BIG AZ line-up, we were challenged to deliver the concept in BIG AZ style. We did a lot of research and development to find ways to deliver a satisfying bacon experience and live up to the BIG AZ BaconAddict Cheeseburger name.” Todys continued, “Bacon is more popular than ever, and the BIG AZ BaconAddict delivers on the promise of big bacon flavor.”

L’Oreal Launches a New Edgy Vending Machine With Beauty Advice

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By , April 23, 2014 1:19 pm

On the Go Beauty Tips from L’Oreal and Intelligent Beauty Experience vending machine.  Can you imagine leaving home and always having the right palette of color from head to toes?


Beauty company L’Oréal launched a vending machine installation at the 42nd Street-Bryant Park subway station in New York City.LOreal-vending-machine-2-625x418

The Intelligent Color Experience vending machine has screens and a full-length mirror that uses cameras and sensors to suggest L’Oreal products to passersby. The machine presents customers with a digital animation of their silhouette and the colors they’re wearing, and asks if they want cosmetics that “match” or “clash.”

The machine also tells customers that if they “Love the look? Make it yours” and gives suggestions on cosmetics which the customers can buy via the machine. If they decide not to get any of the product, they can opt to email the look to themselves. The other side of the vending machine features a screen with posts and photos from beauty bloggers.


Marc Speichert, chief marketing officer of L’Oreal USA, pointed out that the brand continually strives to move the boundaries of client expectations and wishes: “We are proud to continue L’Oreal Paris’ digital leadership by being the first brand to bring women a highly customized and convenient way to shop beauty in a place they would least expect it — the New York City subway,” adding that “It marks the latest ‘stop’ in our unparalleled quest to combine the latest in technology with the highest in quality to help every woman embrace her unique beauty.”

Redefining Self Service With Vending Machines as Sustainable Retail Options

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By , April 15, 2014 12:47 pm

Corrine Sandler and Leanne Bodnar are writers for Strategy Online and both agree that vending machines are now being viewed as a sustainable retail option with global potential.

“People don’t like waiting. While this trend is evident in the pace of our everyday lives, its full weight has yet to be felt. To understand it better, Fresh Intelligence accessed an international study that examined the implications of this trend in 23 markets worldwide.

One of the highlights of this tracking research is that consumers want commercial innovations that grant them instant gratification and more immediate control over their time. We call this trend “Culture of Immediacy.”

Capitalizing on this insight has provided an opportunity for marketers to redefine, and even revolutionize, the shopping experience for consumers. Vending machines, long associated with cheap convenience, are now being viewed as a sustainable retail option with global potential.

We see this in North America with an automated kiosk in the New York Hudson Hotel that sells luxury goods with prices ranging from $4 to $10,000, conspicuously targeting the more prosperous hotel guest with lavish products like a Paul Smith toothbrush or personal services like expensive sports car rentals or portraits from a celebrity photographer.Image-A_Utique-Vending-Machine-Selling-Luxury-Cosmetics-in-LA-282x300

U*tique (pictured left) is another example, with luxury-product vending machines strategically located in upmarket hotel lobbies, gyms, nightclubs and malls. These sleek, interactive machines stock up to 50 bath, makeup and skincare products by luxury brands such as Lancôme, Bliss and Smashbox Cosmetics, which range in price from $5 to $160. Built-in touchscreens display detailed brand profiles, ingredient lists and product demo videos. Consumers can also request product samples directly from the machine.

In the future, vending machines could collect real-time data on an individual, such as the person’s weight, cholesterol, blood glucose level or sun damage to the skin, which would be followed by personalized feedback.

Imagine being able to place your hand on a vending machine and hear an electronic voice say: “Your energy is low; touch here for your bottle of Gatorade G2.”  Or: “You are dehydrated; touch here for 1.27 litres of water.”

The coming generation of vending machines and self-service kiosks could provide considerably more information than is currently available to consumers when they shop. Among other things, this could entail a detailed breakdown of nutritional indicators for food products, an examination of ethical credentials and corporate CSR policy, or brand- and consumer-inspired ideas for new recipes and cooking creatively.

Given their flexibility and interactive nature, smart vending machines have the potential to outperform retail stores, returning higher profit margins per square foot and incorporating a wealth of brand-enhancement opportunities.

It’s now possible to envision a third space between e-commerce and retail stores, represented by machines that combine the best of both worlds.”
Read more: http://strategyonline.ca/2012/04/19/redefining-self-service/#ixzz2yy7NtAwE

Glam on Wheels – Cosmetic Vending Machines adds Glam to VendaMarts

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By , April 15, 2014 11:22 am

Glam on the go cosmetic vending machines are a hit with Sharon from Beauty 050 – Blogazine.  Her take on cosmetic vending machines are more then true and sort of sums up the Gen Y opinion on the future of vending.  These vending machines are quit the rage but add wheels to them and you have your own VendaMarts – Glam on Wheels.  Our mobile retail stores featur a combination of vending machines are definitely for the new youthful thinking customers.


“After the airport’s TSA dumped your prized cosmetic possessions in the trash, how convenient is it to find a vending machine, just down the corridor, that will allow you to replace your treasures without having to look at a smirking kiosk vendor as she takes your hard-earned cash?? Don’t ever you wonder if the two are in cahoots??

The cosmetic companies know that you’re flying regularly now, and, instead of  putting a representative in every airport terminal “pushing” their wares like the Hari Krishna’s of the 1980′s,  they’re putting glossy-cool and cutsie-wootsie vending machines around to tempt you during wait-times and layovers.”

Check out Sharon’s Znaty, Beauty Editor  http://www.beautyo50.com/glam-on-the-go-cosmetic-vending-machines/





Colorado Unveils Marijuana Vending Machine

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By , April 15, 2014 9:33 am

Well as they say, I have seen it all.  Colorado unveils marijuana vending machine. A marijuana vending machine was introduced in Avon, Colo., according to NPR. The machine uses biometrics to verify the user’s age and is also climate-controlled to keep the product fresh. This is the first marijuana vending machine that will not be kept behind store counters


An automated pot-selling vending machine was unveiled at an event held at an Avon, Colo., restaurant Saturday, promising a potential new era of selling marijuana and pot-infused snacks from vending machines directly to customers.

Its creators say the machine, called the ZaZZZ, uses biometrics to verify a customer’s age. The vending machine is climate-controlled to keep its product fresh.

You may be picturing a vending machine on a sidewalk, ready to dispense pot brownies to anyone with correct change. That’s not quite what backers of the machine have in mind. For now, at least, the ZaZZZ is aimed for use only by medical marijuana patients. And it’ll be in licensed stores, where it will serve a purpose like that of an automated checkout line at a grocery, they say.


LEGO’s Is Now Using Life Size Vending Machines

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By , April 11, 2014 12:41 pm

Is it just me or am I seeing vending machines pop up with more unique product everywhere.  LEGO is jumping on the

vending industry band wagon.  Carts Blanche’s VendaCarts is the right vehicle to deliver LEGO’s message and product to their fans.


lego vending

LEGO’s have always offered vending machines in their line of product for the young and old  to enjoy but they now use vending machines to market their product




LEGO’s savvy marketing team knows this new generations is all about

machines and what better way to get their attention.


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