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VendaPromotions Marketing Business Opportunitites

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By , September 25, 2013 4:16 pm


VendaPromotions mobile automated marketing and promotional trailers are the latest and most unique concept for promotion of products for specialty marketing campaigns. The automated self-serve machines can capture multitudes of impressions while engaging targeted audiences. Reach and teach customers about your products in an efficient, self-contained promotional vehicle that covers more territory in less time. The graphic wrapped mobile billboard is the perfect and most economical way to be seen by millions of customers.

VendaPromotions leverages new technologies in robotic retail to deliver a new and exciting interactive experience to targeted customers. Many different products can be distributed through self-serve robotics: food, beverages, souvenirs, toys, books, tools, apparel, shoes, make-up, electronics, CD’s, DVD’s, Art, and more.

VendaPromotions marketing trailer allows the customer to engage with brands and products through the sensory experience of self-serve automation which is the latest concept in experiential marketing. Be the first to market with this exciting and unique mobile exposition.

Mobile event marketing targets specific individuals or groups at Festivals, Specialty Outdoor Events, College Campuses, Stadiums, Festivals, Fairs and Musical Venues to introduce new products, establish taste tests and gather customer information.

Our interest is in helping you Market, Promote and Brand your latest products in new marketplaces with increased customer base using the latest and most revolutionary business model.

Mobile Experiential Marketing Trailer Loaded With Vending Machines

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By , September 25, 2013 4:06 pm

     Carts Blanche, LLC rolls out VendaPromotions, Mobile Experiential Marketing Trailer as a first of it’s kind.  http://www.cartsblanche.com/products/vendapromotions/



On board VendaPromotions are robotic vending machines, vending product samplings for your next  brand marketing campaign

 If you are considering experiential marketing for your next brand marketing campaign and undecided about product sampling  then check out a post by  Pro Motion’s Experimental Marketing Blog  http://www.promotion1.com/blog/bid/56694/5-Consumer-Advantages-to-an-Experiential-Marketing-Sampling-Program

Pro Motions said, “Many marketers wonder why they should add the expense of offering free product samples to someone who might never buy their product.  Below we outline 5 reasons why product sampling is effective and how this can lead to more confident and loyal consumers by providing a better brand experience.  Product sampling  can lead to more confident and loyal consumers by providing a better brand experience.

  1. Sampling provides potential purchasers with a low risk opportunity to test reactions to new products. If you believe and trust in your brand or service give consumers the chance to see how it will benefit them. Set up an experiential marketing program and watch your buyer’s reaction.
  2. Sampling projects brand confidence. If you allow pre-purchase product testing then you are telling your consumer, “Go ahead and experience my brand before you spend any money at all.” This is the epitome of brand experience leading to brand confidence and trust.
  3. Sampling allows consumers to compare your product to competitors. People are always wondering, “How does this compare to other products in the same category?” Prove that yours is the best.
  4. Sampling provides options. Give consumers a chance to try different flavors, formulas and packaging by offering options from your full product line.
  5. Sampling eliminates buyer regret which helps develop a long term consumer. Buyers had every option to sample, compare and test. Your consumer will never have to wonder if they made the best decision for purchase.”



The number one purpose of product sampling is to acquaint the consumer with a new product, have them try it out first before becoming a loyal customer.  There are many factors involved in marketing a brand and we all know how powerful word of mouth can be but sampling can create an immediate impulse purchase.

The success in introducing new product to the consumer through product sampling is important and the best distribution technique for the marketing campaign is vital to launching the brand.  VendaPromotions can be your solution.


Global Marketing Rolls Out Vending Machines That Connect Countries

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By , September 25, 2013 2:28 pm

Brand Channel is always branding and always on.  They recently posted this article on their site check it out.

http://www.brandchannel.com/home/     image

Coca-Cola has been getting very serious about its “Open Happiness” campaign. Now it may even be ready to try to beat swords into plowshares—or at least into vending machines.

Relations between India and Pakistan are marked by many things–and happiness is generally not one of them. But Coca-Cola recently brought both nations together–or at least brought citizens of both countries face to face–over vending machines.

Ad Age reports that a big announcement “is coming soon” about a “major project” for the brand, possibly involving vending machines that will virtually connect consumers in India and Pakistan, two countries that long have had sectarian, sometimes bloody, differences. As depicted in a teaser video that Coke released in December, the machines would use video technology so that users in the two countries could see each other and “touch hands virtually,” the magazine reported.

“The idea,” Ad Age continued, “is that it could roll out to various countries in conflict.”

And why not? Coke already has shown that its “happiness project” and global marketing theme “Open Happiness” have accomplished more actual good in the world than most marketers’ cause-tinged efforts. Not since the brand hatched “I’d Like To Buy the World a Coke” 32 years ago (and then followed up with the anthem “I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing” in a TV ad with the agency-assembled Hillside Singers) has the brand created such a direct impact on global spirits with its sunny disposition.

Thanks Brand Channel!




By , September 24, 2013 3:54 pm


Designer John Gorrie who in 1851 was granted the first patent for mechanical refrigeration and was the first to

introduce us to that frozen delight.  It hasn’t changed much in fact very little since its beginning but how you

get ice has evolved into a huge industry.  The packaged ice industry accounts for $4 billion in sales.


We Americans are spoiled with our ice and proud of it esp. since  the majority of

consumers want ice in their drinks.

       The savvy business minds of Ice House America are grabbing a healthy share

of the ice vending market.

Ice House, the leading 24/7, free-standing, on-demand ice/water vending destination

      that provides consumers fresh, delicious bulk ice.

Ice House America’s state-of-the-art ice vending machine and technology delivers ice on demand

that is fresh, clean (never touched by human hands) and green (made on site)

at a price that keeps consumers returning for more.



Business Opportunitites for Small Businesses – Brand Promotion through VendaPromotion

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By , September 20, 2013 10:12 am

 Let Carts Blanche’s, VendaPromotions help build your brand promotional customer loyalty.

How to Convert Bargain Hunters to Loyal Customers

 New customers might learn to love your product or service and become long-term clients.

Or they might abandon you as soon as the promotion is over and continue to hunt for bargains.

Converting bargain hunters to permanent customers depends on developing brand loyalty.  For example, if your excellent customer service or high-quality products impress them, they are more likely to stay with you after prices return to normal levels.

 Turning this single sale into a customer relationship

This is an interesting post from http://www.theconversationmanager.com/2011/02/09/why-i-think-groupon-is-a-brilliant-tool-or-how-to-use-sales-promotions-wisely/

on this very subject.

 Bed and breakfast conversion tools

The Conversation Manager says, “So, the thing is to turn this sales promotion into a customer relationship. By exceeding expectations, by connecting and by giving redeemers reasons to actually plan a repeat visit.

I once was lucky enough to book a discounted Bed & Breakfast in Firenze, Italy. It was just great. The owner Edoardo and his wife showed us around town, helped us when we needed and made us feel very very welcome. When we evantually left, Edoardo asked me if I liked the Bed & Breakfast. I replied I did. Edoardo gave me a small piece of paper asked me “Can you do me a favor, if you like it this much, can you go to tripadvisor.com and write a nice review? That would really really help me.” Edoardo turned a discount into a pleasurable experience and even turned me in an ambassador for his product. THAT is a smart sales promotion.

Final words.

Whenever you do sales promotions, you WILL attract bargain hunters. However, what the % of bargain hunters is and whether they turn into loyal customers is really dependent of your sales promotion. Don’t blame Groupon for being a sales promotion platform, it is the retailer responsibility for offering a sales promotion that drives brand and conversations, that meets expectations and that turns this single sale into a customer relationship.”

Imagine distributing your company promotion through coupons via VendaPromotion and having the customer comment instantly on your Facebook page…..

Turn VendaPromtions into your own personal Groupon and instant social media blast.

Vending Machines Perfect for the Small Business

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By , September 18, 2013 2:14 pm

Living in Mobile, Al.  should be training enough to equip you with lots of umbrellas to have stashed everywhere.

Especially since Mobile is one of the cities with the most annual rainfall recorded.

But it seems I am always looking for an umbrella so I was fascinated by finding this new vending machine


A vending machine that vends umbrellas –

what a great idea!

I can see this in restaurants, parking lots, city events, hospitals…….

just about any public place it would be needed.


For a small business this vending machine would be a win, win addition.

Vending Machines can now GROW

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By , September 17, 2013 3:34 pm

1175617_625965210758926_1189283232_nYes, folks this is a vending machine, Vending.com ask if you would buy lettuce out of a vending machine. https://www.facebook.com/Vendingcom?ref=tn_tnmn

Yes, I would!

Treehugger writer Brian Merchants said, “This is how we shall grow produce in the post-apocalyptic future Finally — a device that will guarantee we can still grow vegetables in the dark, after a nuclear holocaust has blocked out the sun or rampaging zombies have taken over our farmland.” This Japanese lettuce-growing vending machine has been making the blog-rounds over the last few months, both because it doesn’t require sunlight (it uses fluorescent bulbs) and because of the surprising yield it can churn out: 60 heads a day, or over 20,000 a year. DVice explains:

The machine, called the Chef’s Farm, was developed by Dentsu and can produce 60 heads of lettuce per day (or 20,000 heads per year) grown under 40 watt fluorescent lighting housed in a chrome housing that can be stored conveniently in any restaurant.

The portable fluorescent garden grower is on sale for $90,000, with the target market ostensibly being restaurants that want locally manufactured, sun-free vegetables on site.




Business Opportunities for the Small Business

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By , September 17, 2013 9:39 am

Export Update Competitiveness Forum: Enhancing Prosperity of the Western Hemisphere             July 26, 2013

Calynn Jenkins is an intern in the International Trade Administration’s Office of Public Affairs. She is studying political science at American University. 

For the United States, the Western Hemisphere has provided a fertile ground for export opportunity. It is the destination for approximately 42 percent of U.S. exports, more than any other region across the globe. Since 2009, U.S. goods exports to the Western Hemisphere increased by more than $200 billion to nearly $650 billion, supporting almost four million U.S. jobs in 2011.

Specifically, exports to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, and Colombia are at an all-time high. The United States’ relationship with these Western Hemisphere partners is a top priority for global development.

That’s why the America’s Competitiveness Forum (ACF) is such a key event for the region.

Since 2007, the ACF has provided Western Hemisphere nations a chance to come together to share priorities, successes, and lessons learned to support sustainable growth in the region. It has attracted thousands of participants from the region’s public and private sectors, including heads of state and economic ministers, as well as leaders from business, academia, and civil society.

This year’s forum will take place in Panama City, Panama from Oct. 2-4. It will be an important step toward furthering the relationships that exist within the hemisphere. It will also provide U.S. companies access to high-level officials and potential clients to explore new export opportunities.

For more information about the ACF or to register for the Forum, visit: http://www.competitivenessforum.org/. We will following this upcoming forum for future resources in the vending industry opportunities.

What’s First in Exporting VendaCarts Food Truck?

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By , September 11, 2013 3:59 pm

 It all starts with making your business export-ready and thinking about the best way of taking your

product or service to market.

Will it be worth the effort?

Export Overview

In March 2013, the year to date US goods and services trade deficit improved by 14.6 % to $126.9 billion when compared

to the same period of 2012. U.S. goods and services exports year to date through March 2013 were up 2.1 % or $11.2

billion from the same period of 2012 to reach $5554.7 billion.

This was the highest quarterly total on records, as reported by Department of Commerce.

Yes, I would think it is worth it!

blog photo

  In our case our first international customer for VendaCarts contacted us through our website:


Our VendaCarts Mobile Retail Stores are sold empty, without any vending machines.

If our client needs vending machines we contact them with a

vending machine manufacturer that distributes in their country.

Offering Small Businesses the Introduction to Exporting

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By , September 11, 2013 11:17 am

Does your small business have an export plan?  Go to the experts in your area first to begin the process of understanding exporting.

Annette Nolan, President of Carts Blanche, LLC says ” Although exporting is a part of our companies business plan we had not yet established an export division.  Carts Blanche’s website opened us up to our first international export sales experience. so naturally we turned to our local Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Export Alabama Alliance division and found the necessary help and assistance to begin our export research.”    http://mobilechamber.com/

Mobile Area Chamber

 Export Alabama Alliance can help small businesses meet the challenges of doing business overseas.


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